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Bourj Hammoud.Cold AppetizersCheese AssortedSkanklishHummusMoutabalMuhammaraLabnehLabneh with GarlicSamaraBatijan Al RahibHomemade Assorted PicklesBasturmaSpecial Bourj Hammoud PlateMini MezzaStrained YougurtStrained Yougurt with GarlicSarmaEggplant with VegetablesHomemade Assorted PicklesFresh VegetablesHot AppetizersHummus with MeatKibbehAssorted Pastries PlateBatata HarraChicken lungMakanekSujukhFrench FriesFattehMantiIshli KyuftaSambusikiCheese RollSpicy PotatoAlanazikFalafelFoulSaladTaboulehFattoushSalad CaesarSalad GreekSalad with OliveSalad ArmenianSalad with Beef and VegetablesSalad with BeetBBQOrifali KebabIskandar KebabFishna KebabKhashkhash KebabBeef ShawarmaChicken ShawarmaBBQ Assorted SmallBBQ Assorted MediumBBQ AssortedBeef ShawarmaChicken ShawarmaKebabBurgers and SandwichesHot-DogChicken LungHamburgerCheeseburgerChicken BurgerShish TawoukFajita Lebanese
Bourj Hammoud

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Bourj Hammoud

Cold Appetizers
Cheese Assorted
#1 Cheese Assorted
four kinds of lebanense cheese akkawi, nabulsi, jabali,chalal
3000 AMD

#2 Skanklish
crusty homemade cheese served with tomato, onion, parsley, and olive oil
1400 AMD

#3 Hummus
creamy chickpea puree mixed with tahini served with olive oil
1100 AMD

#4 Moutabal
traditional hand cut grilled aubergine with tahini served with oilve oil
1200 AMD

#5 Muhammara
mixture of walnut, pepper, and spices with pomegranate syrop
1100 AMD

#6 Labneh
traditional lebanese yogurt served with mint and olive oil
900 AMD

Labneh with Garlic
#7 Labneh with Garlic
traditional lebanense yougurt served with minced garlic and olive oil
1000 AMD

#8 Samara
grape leaves wrapped with delicious ingredients with lemon taste
1400 AMD

1800 AMD

Special Bourj Hammoud Plate
#13 Special Bourj Hammoud Plate
mixture of aubergine with special ingredients
1100 AMD

Mini Mezza
#14 Mini Mezza
assorted plate with hummus, muhammara, moutabal, labneh with garlic, shanklish
2300 AMD

#8 Sarma
greape leaves wrapped with delicious ingredients with lemon taste
1400 AMD

Hot Appetizers
Hummus with Meat
#15 Hummus with Meat
whipped chickpea cream mixed with tahini served with minced bee on the top
1800 AMD

#15 Kibbeh
two kinds of beeg mixture served fried in ball shape
1500 AMD

Assorted Pastries Plate
#16 Assorted Pastries Plate
three of each pie spinach, cheese, meat
2500 AMD

Batata Harra
#17 Batata Harra
spicy potato cubes toast with coriander garlic and chili paste
900 AMD

Chicken lung
#20 Chicken lung
cooked with secret spices served with pomegranate syrop
1700 AMD

#21 Makanek
sausage like minced beef mixed with lebanese spices
1700 AMD

#22 Sujukh
sausage like minced beef mixed with spices and tomato
2300 AMD

1100 AMD

2300 AMD

Ishli Kyufta
1500 AMD

#17 Sambusiki
3 type fried pie with spinach, cheese and meat
2500 AMD

Cheese Roll
1400 AMD

Spicy Potato
#19 Spicy Potato
potato spiced corinader, garlic and chilli sauce
900 AMD

#24 Alanazik
eggplant served with strained yougurt and beef
1800 AMD

1500 AMD

#26 Foul
broad beans served with parsley, tomato in lemon garlic souce with olive oil on top
1500 AMD

#31 Tabouleh
250g, lebanense traditional salad with parsley, tomato, onion, groats mixed with lemon oil
1100 AMD

#32 Fattoush
250g, mixture of 10 an more than greens and vegetables, rich in vitamins with pomegranate syrup and olive oil
1200 AMD

Salad Caesar
#33 Salad Caesar
250g, lettuce, tomato, chicken breast, cheese Parmesan, croution served with caesar souce
2300 AMD

Salad Greek
#34 Salad Greek
250g, lettuce, olive, tomato, cucumber, cheese Feta, served with lemon oil sauce
1700 AMD

Salad with Olive
#36 Salad with Olive
250g, green olive mixed with walnut and pepper paste with special spices
1300 AMD

Salad Armenian
#37 Salad Armenian
250g, traditional armenian salad with tomato cucumber onion and a mix with armenian greens
900 AMD

Salad with Beef and Vegetables
#38 Salad with Beef and Vegetables
250g, grilled colored pepper, mushroom, onion, eggplant, carrot with beef mixture, served with pomegranate sauce
3100 AMD

Orifali Kebab
#39 Orifali Kebab
350g, eggplant kebab, grilled vegetables, bivaz, hummus, spicy bread
3300 AMD

Iskandar Kebab
#40 Iskandar Kebab
200g, ?raditional and special kebab with a secret recipe spiced with yogurt
4100 AMD

Fishna Kebab
#41 Fishna Kebab
200g. minced beef balls spiced with cherry sauce, covered with bread
3100 AMD

Khashkhash Kebab
#43 Khashkhash Kebab
200g, traditional kebab, served with grilled vegetables, spiced with Arabic bread
2400 AMD

Beef Shawarma
#46 Beef Shawarma
300g, lebanese soft fillet served with french fries, bivaz (crushed parsley, onion) and tahini sauce
3800 AMD

Chicken Shawarma
#47 Chicken Shawarma
300g, sliced chicken, served with french fries, pickles, cabbage salad, garlic paste
3000 AMD

BBQ Assorted Small
#48 BBQ Assorted Small
120g, tenderloin, 120g, tawouk, 100g, kebab, french fries,grilled vegetables, served with garlic paste, seasoned with Lebanese bread
3800 AMD

BBQ Assorted Medium
#49 BBQ Assorted Medium
200g, tenderloin, 200g, tawouk, 200g, kebab, french fries,grilled vegetables, served with garlic paste, seasoned with Lebanese bread
8000 AMD

BBQ Assorted
#50 BBQ Assorted
300g, tenderloin, 250g, pork fillet, 300g, tawouk, 200g, kebab and grilled vegetables, served with garlic paste, seasoned with Lebanese bread
15000 AMD

1300 AMD

Burgers and Sandwiches
1000 AMD

1300 AMD

Chicken Burger
1300 AMD

#55 Fajita
1300 AMD

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