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Cafe N23.ShawarmaChicken Shawarma in lavashPizzaPizza Margherita MediumPizza Margherita BigPizza Pepperoni SmallPizza Pepperoni MediumPizza Pepperoni BigPizza Ham and Cheese SmallPizza Ham and Cheese MediumPizza Ham and Cheese BigPizza with Chicken MediumPizza with Chicken BigPizza Quattro Formaggi MediumPizza Quattro Formaggi BigPizza Vegeterian SmallPizza Vegeterian MediumPizza Vegeterian BigPizza with Sujukh MediumPizza with Sujukh BigPizza 4 seasons MediumPizza 4 seasons BigPizza 23smPizza CheeseZataar PizaPizza Zataar with cheesePizza VegeterianPizza with SujukhPizza Cheese and Bell peppersDough DishesLahmajoLahmajo with CheeseLahmajo ExtraAjarian KhachapuriSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0,5lFanta 0,5lSprite 0,5lTomato Juice Aparan sweet 0,33lTomato Juice Aparan spicy 0,33lTan Aparan 0.5lTan Aparan carbonated 0.5lJermuk 0,5lByuregh Water 0,5l Pizza, Lahmajo
Cafe N23

Pizza, Lahmajo
Working hours
10:00 - 22:00

Cafe N23

Chicken Shawarma in lavash
#2 Chicken Shawarma in lavash
250g, chicken,onion,greens,Garlic sauce,Ketchup,spicy pepper,lettuce, pickled cucumber,tomatoes
1000 AMD

Pizza Margherita Medium
#5 Pizza Margherita Medium
30sm, Mozzarella,oregano,Red sauce
1500 AMD

Pizza Margherita Big
#6 Pizza Margherita Big
33sm, Mozzarella,oregano,Red sauce
1800 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Small
#7 Pizza Pepperoni Small
10sm, pepperoni,Mozzarella,Red sauce
300 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Medium
#8 Pizza Pepperoni Medium
30sm, pepperoni,Mozzarella,Red sauce
2000 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Big
#9 Pizza Pepperoni Big
33sm, pepperoni,Mozzarella,Red sauce
2400 AMD

Pizza Ham and Cheese Small
#10 Pizza Ham and Cheese Small
10sm, ham,Mozzarella,oregano,Tomato sauce
300 AMD

Pizza Ham and Cheese Medium
#11 Pizza Ham and Cheese Medium
30sm, ham,Mozzarella,oregano,Tomato sauce
1900 AMD

Pizza Ham and Cheese Big
#12 Pizza Ham and Cheese Big
33sm, ham,Mozzarella,oregano,Tomato sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza with Chicken Medium
#13 Pizza with Chicken Medium
30sm,  chicken,tomatoes,oregano,Mozzarella,White sauce,lettuce
1900 AMD

Pizza with Chicken Big
#14 Pizza with Chicken Big
33sm, chicken,tomatoes,oregano,Mozzarella,White sauce,lettuce
2300 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi Medium
#15 Pizza Quattro Formaggi Medium
30sm, different 4cheeses, White sauce
2000 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi Big
#16 Pizza Quattro Formaggi Big
33sm, different 4cheeses,White sauce
2400 AMD

Pizza Vegeterian Small
#17 Pizza Vegeterian Small
10sm, Red sauce,cheese,olives,bell peppers,tomatoes,mushrooms,cheese Mozzarella
300 AMD

Pizza Vegeterian Medium
#18 Pizza Vegeterian Medium
30sm,  Red sauce,cheese,olives,bell peppers,tomatoes,mushrooms,cheese Mozzarella
2000 AMD

Pizza Vegeterian Big
#19 Pizza Vegeterian Big
33sm, Red sauce,cheese,olives,bell peppers,tomatoes,mushrooms,cheese Mozzarella
2400 AMD

Pizza with Sujukh Medium
#20 Pizza with Sujukh Medium
30sm, sujukh,Red sauce,cheese,olives,bell peppers,tomatoes,mushrooms,cheese Mozzarella
2000 AMD

Pizza with Sujukh Big
#21 Pizza with Sujukh Big
33sm, sujukh,Red sauce,cheese,olives,bell peppers,tomatoes,mushrooms,cheese Mozzarella
2400 AMD

Pizza 4 seasons Medium
#22 Pizza 4 seasons Medium
30sm, cheese Mozzarella,ham,Red sauce,olives,tomatoes,bell peppers,sujukh,mushrooms
2100 AMD

Pizza 4 seasons Big
#23 Pizza 4 seasons Big
33sm, cheese Mozzarella,ham,Red sauce,olives,tomatoes,bell peppers,sujukh,mushrooms
2500 AMD

Pizza 23sm
Pizza Cheese
500 AMD

Zataar Piza
400 AMD

Pizza Vegeterian
600 AMD

Pizza with Sujukh
800 AMD

Dough Dishes
300 AMD

Lahmajo Extra
#32 Lahmajo Extra
33sm, beef,mushrooms,cheese
800 AMD

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