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Fabrica Restaurant.AppetizersՍեթ մեզե ՕրիենթալSet meze DrinksBeef CarpaccioCalamari RingsPoke SalmonPoke TunaPoke ShrimpsShrimp ChipsTrout SevicheSaladsSeasonal Green SaladOlive a la ChefRoast Beef SaladSalad Caesar with TurkeySalad Caesar with ShrimpTuna Steak SaladAvocado and Quinoa SaladBuratta rucola and strawberries saladSoupsCarrot bisqueSoup Con CarneShrimps biskZucchini cream soup Main DishesBeef YakitoriChicken YakitoriShrimp MargheritaMusseles in Tomato SauceMusseles in Cheese SauceCrispy Spicy Eggplant ChipsGrilled shrimpsSteakPorktail SteakDry aged Rib-eyeDry aged T-boneLava SteakPork Loin SteakChipotle SteakRoll SteakRib-Eye Prime SteakPork TamahawkFishFiish TunaFish SalmonFish ButterfishTrout in JosperGrilled Local SturgeonSterled in JosperMini burgerChicken cheeseburgerCheeseburgerSteak burgerGarnishGrilled asparagus with Cheese SauceWild RiceGrilled VegetablesChicken ChipsFrench FriesVillage PotatoDessertCarrot CakeBrowniePakhlavaVanilla Mille FeuilleSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.25l canCoca-Cola 0.5lRed Bull 0.25lTonic Schweepes 0.33lCoca Cola Energy 0.33l European
Fabrica Restaurant

Working hours
11:30 - 00:00

Fabrica Restaurant

Սեթ մեզե Օրիենթալ
#1 Սեթ մեզե Օրիենթալ
hummus,moutabal, muhammara, dry bread, loshik
1800 AMD

Set meze Drinks
#2 Set meze Drinks
mushroom marinated, potatoes, dry bread, asparagus, pickled pepper
3600 AMD

Beef Carpaccio
#3 Beef Carpaccio
tenderloin, olive oil, cheese Parmesan, arugula, cherry tomato, balzamic cream
4800 AMD

Calamari Rings
#4 Calamari Rings
calmari rings, panco, korean carrot salad, chinese cabbage, sambal sauce
2800 AMD

Poke Salmon
#5 Poke Salmon
cucumber, mixed salad, chuka, salmon fillet, carrot
4800 AMD

Poke Tuna
#6 Poke Tuna
cucumber, mixed salad, chuka, tuna fillet, carrot
4800 AMD

Poke Shrimps
#7 Poke Shrimps
cucumber, mixed salad, chuka, shrimp, carrot
4800 AMD

Shrimp Chips
#8 Shrimp Chips
masago caviar, shrimps with panko 4 pieces, sambal sauce, korean salad, rice paper
4000 AMD

Trout Seviche
#9 Trout Seviche
trout, lemon, mixed salad, hot pepper, ginger
2800 AMD

Seasonal Green Salad
#10 Seasonal Green Salad
230g, lettuce, radish, special sauce, zucchini, arugula, greens
2200 AMD

Olive a la Chef
#11 Olive a la Chef
duck, turkey breast, potato, mayonnaise, caviar fish, egg
4200 AMD

Roast Beef Salad
#12 Roast Beef Salad
lettuce, roast beef, cherry tomato, olive oil, indian nut
3800 AMD

Salad Caesar with Turkey
#13 Salad Caesar with Turkey
turkey breast, cheese Parmesan, caesar sauce, cherry tomato
3800 AMD

Salad Caesar with Shrimp
#14 Salad Caesar with Shrimp
shrimp, caesar sauce, cheese Parmesan, cherry tomato, mixed salad
4200 AMD

Tuna Steak Salad
#15 Tuna Steak Salad
nicoise sauce, tuna fillet, cherry tomato, egg, mixed slad
4600 AMD

Avocado and Quinoa Salad
#16 Avocado and Quinoa Salad
quinoa, cherry tomato, avocado, mix salad
3600 AMD

Buratta rucola and strawberries salad
#37 Buratta rucola and strawberries salad
Cherry tomato, arugula, Burata, Avocado, Ponti Aceto di Vino, Berries,
6400 AMD

Carrot bisque
#42 Carrot bisque
beef, onion, vegetable oil, tomato, potato, wine, spinach, carrot
1800 AMD

Soup Con Carne
#43 Soup Con Carne
red bean, beef, tomato, onion, jalapeno, corn, carrot
2200 AMD

Shrimps bisk
#44 Shrimps bisk
Shrimp, carrots, onions, vegetable oil
3800 AMD

Zucchini cream soup
#45 Zucchini cream soup
Pumpkin, vegetable oil, cashew nuts, almond leaves, onion, garlic
1800 AMD

Main Dishes
Beef Yakitori
#55 Beef Yakitori
beefr fillet, korean salad, sesame, yakitori sauce
3800 AMD

Chicken Yakitori
#56 Chicken Yakitori
chicken breast, korean salad, sesame, yakitori sauce
2800 AMD

Shrimp Margherita
#57 Shrimp Margherita
shrimp, olive oil, liquor, lemon, lime
6800 AMD

Musseles in Tomato Sauce
#59 Musseles in Tomato Sauce
mussels, BBQ sauce, lemon, cherry tomato, butter
8000 AMD

Musseles in Cheese Sauce
#60 Musseles in Cheese Sauce
musseles, lemon, butter, cheese sauce
8000 AMD

Crispy Spicy Eggplant Chips
#61 Crispy Spicy Eggplant Chips
eggplant, sesame, spicy sauce, salt
2400 AMD

Grilled shrimps
#62 Grilled shrimps
Shrimp with head, olive oil, lemon, Cherry tomatoes
6800 AMD

Porktail Steak
#76 Porktail Steak
beef fillet, potato, hot pepper, special sauce
8800 AMD

Dry aged Rib-eye
#77 Dry aged Rib-eye
rib-eye steak, special sauce, cherry tomato
7400 AMD

Dry aged T-bone
#78 Dry aged T-bone
T-bone, potato, rocker sauce
9800 AMD

Lava Steak
#79 Lava Steak
beef fillet, potato, hot pepper
9800 AMD

Pork Loin Steak
#80 Pork Loin Steak
pork loin steak, potato, hot pepper, cherry tomato, bbq sauce
4800 AMD

Chipotle Steak
#81 Chipotle Steak
fillet mignon, potato, chipotle sauce
6800 AMD

Roll Steak
#82 Roll Steak
beef fillet, potato, bulgar pepper, teriyaki sauce, asparagus
6600 AMD

Rib-Eye Prime Steak
#83 Rib-Eye Prime Steak
cherry tomato, sauce, rib-eye premium
14000 AMD

Pork Tamahawk
#85 Pork Tamahawk
500g, potatoes,hot pepper,cherry tomatoes,BBQ sauce
5400 AMD

Fiish Tuna
#87 Fiish Tuna
tuna fillet, korean salad, miced salad, lemon, sauce
9000 AMD

Fish Salmon
#88 Fish Salmon
salmon, korean salad, lemon, sauce
8000 AMD

Fish Butterfish
#89 Fish Butterfish
butterfish, korean salad, lemon, sauce
7800 AMD

Trout in Josper
#90 Trout in Josper
trout, asparagus, lemon, cherry tomato
5400 AMD

Grilled Local Sturgeon
#91 Grilled Local Sturgeon
sturgeon, korean salad, lemon, sauce
12000 AMD

Sterled in Josper
#92 Sterled in Josper
sterled, korean salad, lemon, sauce
5600 AMD

Mini burger
#110 Mini burger
300g, dry aged beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, French fries
2800 AMD

Chicken cheeseburger
#111 Chicken cheeseburger
250g, chicken fillet, cheese, lettuce, tomato, French fries
2400 AMD

#112 Cheeseburger
250g, dry aged beef, cheese, mixed salad, tomato, French fries
2600 AMD

Steak burger
#113 Steak burger
250g, dry aged beef steak, cheese, lettuce, tomato, French fries
3200 AMD

Grilled asparagus with Cheese Sauce
#124 Grilled asparagus with Cheese Sauce
asparagus, garlic, cheese sauce, salt, vegetable oil
2400 AMD

Wild Rice
#125 Wild Rice
wild rice, salt, vegetable oil, butter
1400 AMD

Grilled Vegetables
#126 Grilled Vegetables
cheery tomato, mushroom, zucchini, pepper, olive oil, eggplant
2000 AMD

Chicken Chips
#127 Chicken Chips
chicken, panko, flour, egg, special sauce
2200 AMD

French Fries
#128 French Fries
potato, oil, spices
700 AMD

Carrot Cake
1800 AMD

#144 Brownie
140g, without ice-cream
1600 AMD

#145 Pakhlava
120g,without ice-cream
1600 AMD

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Arpine A.
01 Aug 2021
12 Jul 2020
К дородо указан гарнир - овощи и микс салат. Кроме рыбы ничего не было. Заказ не совпадает с Описанием.
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Fabrica Restaurant
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