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Jacobs Kitchen.Set N1Set N2Set N3Set SalmonSetsPopular ItemsClassic BurgerJacobs BurgerBig BurgerPizza Pepperoni MediumPizza Jacobs BigCaesar SaladJacobs SaladFrench FriesHot Wings with BBQ sauceCalifornia SalmonPhiladelphia RollAvocado MakiSalmon PokeChicken PokeBurgers and SandwichesClassic CheeseburgerDouble BurgerDouble CheeseburgerBacon CheeseburgerVeggie BurgerChef BurgerSteak BurgerJacobs MixHam and Cheese SandwichProsciutto SandwichChicken SandwichBacon SandwichPhiladelphia SandwichChicken QuesadillaBeef QuesadillaToast BurgerBig Toast BurgerChicken Toast BurgerPizzaPizza Pepperoni SmallPizza Pepperoni BigPizza Margherita SmallPizza Margherita MediumPizza Margherita BigPizza with Chicken and Mushroom SmallPizza with Chicken and Mushroom MediumPizza with Chicken and Mushroom BigPizza Quattro Formaggi SmallPizza Quattro Formaggi MediumPizza Quattro Formaggi BigPizza Prosciutto SmallPizza Prosciutto MediumPizza Prosciutto BigChef Pizza MediumChef Pizza BigPizza American Pepperoni BigPizza American Pepperoni Hot BigBavarian Pizza SmallBavarian Pizza MediumBavarian Pizza BigPizza Veggie SmallPizza Veggie MediumPizza Veggie BigPizza Calzone SmallPizza Calzone MediumPizza Calzone BigPizza Shrimp MediumPizza Shrimp BigPizza Campana SmallPizza Campana MediumPizza Campana BigPizza American Margherita BigPizza Pesto SmallPizza Pesto MediumPesto Pizza BigMexican Pizza SmallMexican Pizza MediumMexican Pizza BigPizza Stracciatella SmallPizza Stracciatella MediumPizza Stracciatella BigPizza Pepperoni Hot SmallPizza Pepperoni Hot MediumPizza Pepperoni Hot BigPizza Napoli SmallPizza Napoli MediumPizza Napoli BigCalzone with Chicken SmallCalzone with Chicken MediumCalzone with Chicken BigPizza Milano SmallPizza Milano MediumPizza Milano BigSaladsGreek SaladSeaweed SaladBeef SaladBelladonna SaladCaesar SaladJacobs SaladCaesar with ShrimpsRoast Beef SaladGarnishFrench FriesChicken NuggetsChicken StripsChicken WingsHot WingsSushiCalifornia EelCalifornia CrabCrunch RollFuji RollSaitama RollTokyo RollPhiladelphia RollPhiladelphia Eel RollPhiladelphia Shrimp RollPhiladelphia CrabBonito RollCanada RollMaori RollUnagi Dragon RollTiger RollChess RollHot Roll SalmonHot Roll EelHot Roll ShrimpSake NigiriEbi NigiriUnagi NigiriMakiMaguro MakiSake MakiEbi MakiKani MakiUnagi MakiKappa MakiPokeSalmon Spicy PokeShrimp PokeBeef PokePork Belly PokeSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.5lFanta 0.5lSprite 0.5lPulpy Orange 0.45mlPulpy Pineapple 0.45mlBon Aqua Water 0.5l Pizza, Sushi, Burger and Sandwich
Jacobs Kitchen

Pizza, Sushi, Burger and Sandwich
Working hours
11:00 - 23:00

Jacobs Kitchen

Set N1
#1 Set N1
28pcs, Maori roll, Philadelphia classic, Kappa maki, Maguro maki
9900 AMD

Set N2
#2 Set N2
42pcs, Tokio roll, California salmon, Crunch roll, Maguro maki, Avocado maki, Ebi maki
13500 AMD

Set N3
#3 Set N3
56pcs, Unagi dragon, Satiama roll, Chess roll, Fuji roll, Maguro maki, Kani maki, Kappa maki, Avocado maki
18500 AMD

Set Salmon
#4 Set Salmon
32pcs, Philadelphia classic, California classic, Fuji roll, Sake maki, Sake nigiri
14500 AMD

Burgers and Sandwiches
Classic Cheeseburger
#28 Classic Cheeseburger
beef, american cheese,pickled cucumber,onion,tomatoes,lettuce ,Cocktail sauce
2200 AMD

Double Burger
#30 Double Burger
double beef, pickled cucumber,onion,tomatoes,lettuce,Cocktail sauce
2700 AMD

Double Cheeseburger
#32 Double Cheeseburger
double beef,double american cheese,pickled cucumber,onion,tomatoes,lettuce,Cocktail sauce
2900 AMD

Bacon Cheeseburger
#34 Bacon Cheeseburger
beef,bacon,american cheese,pickled jalapeno,onion,tomatoes,lettuce,Jacobs sauce
2600 AMD

Veggie Burger
#37 Veggie Burger
avocado,zucchini,bell pepper,onion,mushrooms,rucola,Jacobs sauce
2100 AMD

Chef Burger
#39 Chef Burger
beef,prosciutto,Cheddar cheese,onion,mushroom,tomatoes,lettuce,White sauce
3000 AMD

Steak Burger
#43 Steak Burger
steak,Chedder sauce,rucola,lettuce,Veggie sauce,Caesar sauce
2800 AMD

Jacobs Mix
#45 Jacobs Mix
Burger,French fries,Coca Cola 0.25
2000 AMD

Ham and Cheese Sandwich
#47 Ham and Cheese Sandwich
ham,mayonnaise,tomato,cucumber,lettuce,Cheddar cheese
1900 AMD

Prosciutto Sandwich
#49 Prosciutto Sandwich
prosciutto,Chedder cheese,cucumber,tomatoes,lettuce,White sauce
2700 AMD

Chicken Sandwich
#51 Chicken Sandwich
chicken breast,mushrooms,lettuce,Cheddar cheese,Dolce sauce
1900 AMD

Bacon Sandwich
#53 Bacon Sandwich
bacon,cucumber,tomato,black olives,Mozarella,lettuce,Peanut sauce,White sauce
2000 AMD

Philadelphia Sandwich
#56 Philadelphia Sandwich
beef, american sauce,onion,pepper,rucola,Cocktail sauce
2500 AMD

Chicken Quesadilla
#58 Chicken Quesadilla
chicken breast,tomato,onion,corn,Mozzarella,pell peppers
1900 AMD

Beef Quesadilla
#60 Beef Quesadilla
beef,tomato,onion,bell pepper,pickled jalapeno,Mozarella
2200 AMD

Toast Burger
#63 Toast Burger
cocktail sauce, lettuce, caramelized onion, double beef fillet, american cheese
2700 AMD

Big Toast Burger
#66 Big Toast Burger
bbq sauce, bell sauce, onion rings, lettuce, double beef fillet, Cheddar cheese
3300 AMD

Chicken Toast Burger
#68 Chicken Toast Burger
caesar sauce, bell sauce, cabbage, red cabbage, marinated cucumber, american cheese
2400 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Small
#71 Pizza Pepperoni Small
25sm, 4pcs,  pepperoni,Tomato sauce,Edam cheese,Mozzarella cheese,Parmesan
2500 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Big
#73 Pizza Pepperoni Big
40sm, 8pcs,  pepperoni,Tomato sauce,Edam cheese,Mozzarella,Parmesan
3900 AMD

Pizza Margherita Small
#75 Pizza Margherita Small
25sm,4pcs, Tomato sauce,Mozzarella,Parmesan,basil
2100 AMD

Pizza Margherita Medium
#77 Pizza Margherita Medium
35sm,8pcs, Tomato sauce,Mozzarella,Parmesan,basil
2800 AMD

Pizza Margherita Big
#79 Pizza Margherita Big
40sm, 8pcs, Tomato sauce,Mozzarella,Parmesan,basil
3200 AMD

Pizza with Chicken and Mushroom Small
#81 Pizza with Chicken and Mushroom Small
25sm,4pcs, chicken,mushrooms,rucola,Mozzarella,rosemary,Cream sauce
2800 AMD

Pizza with Chicken and Mushroom Medium
#83 Pizza with Chicken and Mushroom Medium
35sm,8pcs, chicken,mushrooms,rucola,Mozzarella,rosemary,Cream sauce
3600 AMD

Pizza with Chicken and Mushroom Big
#85 Pizza with Chicken and Mushroom Big
40sm,8pcs, chicken,mushrooms,rucola,Mozzarella,rosemary,Cream sauce
3900 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi Small
#87 Pizza Quattro Formaggi Small
25sm,4pcs, Mozzarella,Roquefort,Edam cheese,Pecorino,Cream sauce
2600 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi Medium
#89 Pizza Quattro Formaggi Medium
35sm,8pcs, Mozzarella,Roquefort,Edam cheese,Pecorino,Cream sauce
3400 AMD

Pizza Quattro Formaggi Big
#91 Pizza Quattro Formaggi Big
40sm,8pcs, Mozzarella,Roquefort,Edam cheese,Pecorino,Cream sauce
3900 AMD

Pizza Prosciutto Small
#93 Pizza Prosciutto Small
25sm,4pcs, prosciutto,rucola,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
3100 AMD

Pizza Prosciutto Medium
#95 Pizza Prosciutto Medium
35sm,8pcs, prosciutto, rucola, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Tomato sauce
4200 AMD

Pizza Prosciutto Big
#97 Pizza Prosciutto Big
40sm,8pcs,  prosciutto,rucola,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
4600 AMD

Chef Pizza Medium
#99 Chef Pizza Medium
35sm,8pcs, smoked salmon,dried tomato,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Dill,Cream sauce
5100 AMD

Chef Pizza Big
#101 Chef Pizza Big
40sm,8pcs, smoked salmon,dried tomato,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Dill,Cream sauce
5800 AMD

Pizza American Pepperoni Big
#103 Pizza American Pepperoni Big
8pcs, pepperoni,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Edam cheese,Tomato sauce
4800 AMD

Pizza American Pepperoni Hot Big
#105 Pizza American Pepperoni Hot Big
8pcs, pepperoni,jalapeno,Edam cheese,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
4900 AMD

Bavarian Pizza Small
#107 Bavarian Pizza Small
25sm,4pcs, hunter sausage,green olives,Mozzarella,Parmesan,basil,Tomato sauce
2400 AMD

Bavarian Pizza Medium
#109 Bavarian Pizza Medium
35sm,8pcs, hunter sausage,green olives,Mozzarella,Parmesan,basil,Tomato sauce
3300 AMD

Bavarian Pizza Big
#111 Bavarian Pizza Big
40sm,8pcs,  hunter sausage,green olives,Mozzarella,Parmesan,basil,Tomato sauce
3700 AMD

Pizza Veggie  Small
#113 Pizza Veggie Small
25sm,4pcs, rucola,zuccini,pepper,mushrooms,Parmesan,Edam cheese,Tomato sauce
2400 AMD

Pizza Veggie Medium
#115 Pizza Veggie Medium
35sm,8pcs, rucola,zuccini,pepper,mushrooms,Parmesan,Edam cheese,Tomato sauce
3100 AMD

Pizza Veggie Big
#117 Pizza Veggie Big
40sm,8pcs, rucola,zuccini,pepper,mushrooms,Parmesan,Edam cheese,Tomato sauce
3400 AMD

Pizza Calzone Small
#119 Pizza Calzone Small
25sm,4pcs, bacon,mushrooms,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Edamer cheese,Tomato sauce
2500 AMD

Pizza Calzone Medium
#121 Pizza Calzone Medium
35sm,8pcs, bacon,mushrooms,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Edamer cheese,Tomato sauce
3600 AMD

Pizza Calzone Big
#123 Pizza Calzone Big
40sm,8pcs, bacon,mushrooms,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Edamer cheese,Tomato sauce
3900 AMD

Pizza Shrimp Medium
#125 Pizza Shrimp Medium
35sm,8pcs, shrimp,rucola,pecorino,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
4100 AMD

Pizza Shrimp Big
#127 Pizza Shrimp Big
40sm,8pcs, shrimp,rucola,pecorino,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
4600 AMD

Pizza Campana Small
#129 Pizza Campana Small
25sm,4pcs, green sauce,dried tomato,chorizo,basil,strachatella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
3000 AMD

Pizza Campana Medium
#131 Pizza Campana Medium
35sm,8pcs, green sauce,dried tomato,chorizo,basil,strachatella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
4000 AMD

Pizza Campana Big
#133 Pizza Campana Big
40sm,8pcs, green sauce,dried tomato,chorizo,basil,strachatella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
4600 AMD

Pizza American Margherita Big
#135 Pizza American Margherita Big
8pcs, Tomato sauce,Mozzarella,Parmesan,basil
4200 AMD

Pizza Pesto Small
#137 Pizza Pesto Small
25sm,4pcs, Pesto sauce,ham,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
2300 AMD

Pizza Pesto Medium
#139 Pizza Pesto Medium
35sm,8pcs, Pesto sauce,ham,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
3200 AMD

Pesto Pizza Big
#141 Pesto Pizza Big
40sm,8pcs, Pesto sauce,ham,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
3600 AMD

Mexican Pizza Small
#143 Mexican Pizza Small
25sm,4pcs, jalapeno,cherry tomato,papper,beef,pork,BBQ sauce,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
2600 AMD

Mexican Pizza Medium
#145 Mexican Pizza Medium
35sm,8pcs, jalapeno,cherry tomato,papper,beef,pork,BBQ sauce,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
3400 AMD

Mexican Pizza Big
#147 Mexican Pizza Big
40sm,8pcs, jalapeno,cherry tomato,papper,beef,pork,BBQ sauce,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
3900 AMD

Pizza Stracciatella Small
#150 Pizza Stracciatella Small
25sm,4pcs, stracciatella,Tomato sauce,Parmesan,basil
2400 AMD

Pizza Stracciatella Medium
#152 Pizza Stracciatella Medium
35sm,8pcs, stracciatella,Tomato sauce,Parmesan,basil
3400 AMD

Pizza Stracciatella Big
#154 Pizza Stracciatella Big
40sm,8pcs, stracciatella,Tomato sauce,Parmesan,basil
3800 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Hot Small
#157 Pizza Pepperoni Hot Small
25sm,4pcs, jalapeno,pepperoni,Edam cheese,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
2600 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Hot Medium
#160 Pizza Pepperoni Hot Medium
35sm,8pcs, jalapeno,pepperoni,Edam cheese,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
3600 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni Hot Big
#162 Pizza Pepperoni Hot Big
40sm,8pcs, jalapeno,pepperoni,Edam cheese,Mozzarella,Parmesan,Tomato sauce
4000 AMD

Pizza Napoli Small
#167 Pizza Napoli Small
25sm,4pcs,  bacon,rucola,salami milano,salami napoli,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
2800 AMD

Pizza Napoli Medium
#169 Pizza Napoli Medium
35sm,8pcs,  bacon,rucola,salami milano,salami napoli,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
3800 AMD

Pizza Napoli Big
#171 Pizza Napoli Big
40sm,8pcs,  bacon,rucola,salami milano,salami napoli,Parmesan,Mozzarella,Tomato sauce
4200 AMD

Calzone with Chicken Small
#173 Calzone with Chicken Small
tomato sauce, edamer, cheese Mozzarella, Parmesan, sauce pesto, rozmarin, olives, basilic, chicken breast
3300 AMD

Calzone with Chicken Medium
#176 Calzone with Chicken Medium
tomato sauce, edamer, cheese Mozzarella, Parmesan, sauce pesto, rozmarin, olives, basilic, chicken breast
4200 AMD

Calzone with Chicken Big
#179 Calzone with Chicken Big
tomato sauce, edamer, cheese Mozzarella, Parmesan, sauce pesto, rozmarin, olives, basilic, chicken breast
4700 AMD

Pizza Milano Small
#181 Pizza Milano Small
tomato sauce, cheese Parmesan, fresh mozzarella, basilic, cherry tomato, italian ham
2900 AMD

Pizza Milano Medium
#183 Pizza Milano Medium
tomato sauce, cheese Parmesan, fresh mozzarella, basilic, cherry tomato, italian ham
4100 AMD

Pizza Milano Big
#185 Pizza Milano Big
tomato sauce, cheese Parmesan, fresh mozzarella, basilic, cherry tomato, italian ham
4800 AMD

Greek Salad
#188 Greek Salad
450g, lettuce,tomatoes,cucumber,bell pepper,black olives,Feta cheese
1900 AMD

Seaweed Salad
#189 Seaweed Salad
250g, seaweed,sesame
2200 AMD

Beef Salad
#191 Beef Salad
350g,  beef,tomato,corn,soya,pickled cucumber,onion,lettuce,Caesar sauce
2400 AMD

Belladonna Salad
#192 Belladonna Salad
250g, mushrooms,nuts,dry plums,zucchini,tomato,lettuce,rucola,Feta cheese
1800 AMD

Caesar Salad
#193 Caesar Salad
350g, lettuce, chicken breast, Parmesan cheese, sesame, Caesar sauce
1900 AMD

Jacobs Salad
#194 Jacobs Salad
350g, lettuce, arugula, chicken breast, avocado, citrus sauce, Verde sauce
2400 AMD

Caesar with Shrimps
#195 Caesar with Shrimps
lettuce, shrimps, cheese Parmesan, sesame, caesar sauce, cherry tomato
2800 AMD

Roast Beef Salad
#196 Roast Beef Salad
arugula, lettuce, colored pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bell sauce, Parmesan cheese, veal fillet
2700 AMD

French Fries
500 AMD

Chicken Nuggets
950 AMD

Chicken Strips
1300 AMD

Chicken Wings
1600 AMD

Hot Wings
2100 AMD

California Eel
#206 California Eel
8pcs, eel,tobiko,avocado,cucumber,rice
4600 AMD

California Crab
#207 California Crab
8pcs, rice,cucumber,avocado,crab,tobiko
3600 AMD

Crunch Roll
#208 Crunch Roll
8pcs,  rice,avocado,shrimp tempura,mayo,sesame
2400 AMD

Fuji Roll
#209 Fuji Roll
8pcs, shrimps,rice,cucumber,avocado,salmon,mayo
4700 AMD

Saitama Roll
#210 Saitama Roll
8pcs,  rice,avocado,philadelphia,salmon,crab,Kimchi sauce
2500 AMD

Tokyo Roll
#211 Tokyo Roll
8pcs,  rice,avocado,cucumber,philadelphia,red fish,Crab sauce
2500 AMD

Philadelphia Roll
#212 Philadelphia Roll
8pcs, rice, philadelphia,cucumber,avocado,salmon,tobiko
3900 AMD

Philadelphia Eel Roll
#213 Philadelphia Eel Roll
8pcs, eel,rice,philadelphia,cucumber,avocado,salmon,tobiko
5900 AMD

Philadelphia Shrimp Roll
#215 Philadelphia Shrimp Roll
8pcs, shrimp,rice,philadelphia,cucumber,avocado,salmon,tobiko
4700 AMD

Philadelphia Crab
#216 Philadelphia Crab
8pcs, crab,rice,philadelphia,cucumber,avocado,salmon,tobiko
4400 AMD

Bonito Roll
#217 Bonito Roll
8pcs, rice,philadelphia,salmon,lettuce,sesame
3400 AMD

Canada Roll
#218 Canada Roll
8pcs,  rice,eel,salmon,philadelphia,tobiko
5000 AMD

Maori Roll
#219 Maori Roll
8pcs, rice,cucumber,avocado,salmon,philadelphia,shrimp
4400 AMD

Unagi Dragon Roll
#221 Unagi Dragon Roll
8pcs,  rice,crab,cucumber,avocado,tobiko,eel
5300 AMD

Tiger Roll
#222 Tiger Roll
8pcs, rice,eel,philadelphia,cucumber,avocado,tobiko,shrimp
4900 AMD

Chess Roll
#223 Chess Roll
8pcs,  rice,avocado,cucumber,salmon,philadelphia,sesame
3500 AMD

Hot Roll Salmon
#224 Hot Roll Salmon
10pcs, rice,salmon,tobiko,avocado,philadelphia
4500 AMD

Hot Roll Eel
#225 Hot Roll Eel
5100 AMD

Hot Roll Shrimp
#226 Hot Roll Shrimp
10pcs, rice,philadelphia,avocado,shrimp,tobiko
4100 AMD

Sake Nigiri
#227 Sake Nigiri
2pcs, rice,salmon
1600 AMD

Ebi Nigiri
#228 Ebi Nigiri
2pcs, rice,shrimp
1400 AMD

Unagi Nigiri
#229 Unagi Nigiri
2pcs, rice,eel,Unagi sauce,sesame
1800 AMD

Maguro Maki
#232 Maguro Maki
6pcs, rice,tuna
2200 AMD

Sake Maki
#233 Sake Maki
1950 AMD

Ebi Maki
#235 Ebi Maki
6pcs, rice,shrimp
1900 AMD

Kani Maki
#236 Kani Maki
6pcs, rice,crab
1100 AMD

Unagi Maki
#237 Unagi Maki
6pcs, rice,eel
2300 AMD

Kappa Maki
#238 Kappa Maki
6pcs,  rice,cucumber
950 AMD

Salmon Spicy Poke
#240 Salmon Spicy Poke
500g,  salmon,avocdo,ginger,cabbage,seaweed,radish,Kimchi sauce,sesame,caviar,rice
4900 AMD

Shrimp Poke
#242 Shrimp Poke
500g,  shrimp,avocado,cucumber,radish,tomato,rice,qinoa,sesame
4900 AMD

Beef Poke
#244 Beef Poke
500g,  beef,broccoli,celery,carrot,cucumber,tomato,rice,quinoa,Teryaki sauce
3900 AMD

Pork Belly Poke
#246 Pork Belly Poke
500g, pork belly,avocado,carrot,corn,tomato,quinoa,rucola,lettuce,sesame,Teriyaki sauce
3900 AMD

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Arzakh K.
27 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022
Пиццы очень сильно солёные:(
Катерина М.
24 Jun 2022
24 Jun 2022
08 Jun 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Jacobs Kitchen
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