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10:00 - 23:59


Scrambled eggs
900 AMD

Sunny side up
900 AMD

Tomato omelette
#6 Tomato omelette
tomato, eggs, pepper
1500 AMD

Georgian breakfast
#7 Georgian breakfast
Kupatti, beans, cheese, vegetables, bacon, sunndy side up
3900 AMD

Armenian breakfast
#8 Armenian breakfast
basturma, sujukh, vegetables, mushroom, eggs, lavash, pepper
2000 AMD

Healthy Breakfast
#9 Healthy Breakfast
chia seeds, soy milk, muesli, avocado, berries, nuts
1400 AMD

Morning Bruschetta
#127 Morning Bruschetta
Avocado, strawberry, quail egg, cherry tomatoes, balsamic sauce
2300 AMD

Armenian table
#129 Armenian table
meat, cheese, vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts
6000 AMD

Fried potatoes in oven
#131 Fried potatoes in oven
potatoes, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, marinated cucumber
900 AMD

Chicken meatballs
#132 Chicken meatballs
chicken breast, cream cheese, greens, potato, bacon, lettuce, spinach, arugula
1600 AMD

Cheese plate
#141 Cheese plate
cheese Brie, Parmesan, Lori, cheese balls 4pcs
4000 AMD

#142 Bruschetta
Avocado, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, balsamic sauce
1300 AMD

Jazzve Classic
Chicken burrito
#148 Chicken burrito
loshik, chicken, vegetables, hot pepper, served with light salad
2800 AMD

#149 Royal
ham, olives, tomato, pepper, cheese, greens, egg
2300 AMD

Ryosti with chicken
#150 Ryosti with chicken
chicken, potato, cheese, tomato, pepper, greens
2200 AMD

Ryosti with veal
#151 Ryosti with veal
veal, potato, cheese, corn, pepper, greens
2800 AMD

Mixed Ryosti
#152 Mixed Ryosti
veal, chicken, mushrooms,tomato, potato, cheese, corn, pepper, greens
2500 AMD

#153 Mykonos
Veal, vegetables, rice, thkhemali
3500 AMD

Dough Dishes
Pizza Margarita
#155 Pizza Margarita
30cm, 6 slices, cheese, tomato, greens
2800 AMD

Pizza with four kind of cheese
2800 AMD

Pizza with ham and mushroom
2900 AMD

Pizza Forceta
#158 Pizza Forceta
30cm, 6 slices, smoked sausage, ham, tomato, olives
3800 AMD

Lahmajo and tan
#160 Lahmajo and tan
4pcs lahmajo with lamb and veal
1800 AMD

Salad Chilled Yogurt
#164 Salad Chilled Yogurt
180g, strained yogurt, cucumber, verdure
1300 AMD

Salad Armenian Caprese
#166 Salad Armenian Caprese
360g, tomato, cheese balls, balsamic and pesto sauce with pasley
2100 AMD

Salad Caesar
#173 Salad Caesar
250g, chicken, cheese Parmesan, lettuce
2200 AMD

Caesar with Salmon
#174 Caesar with Salmon
2600 AMD

#175 Greek
tomato, cucunber, pepper, lettuce, olives, feta, onion
1700 AMD

Salad with avocado and tomato
#190 Salad with avocado and tomato
230g, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, strawberry
2000 AMD

Quinoa and avocado salad
#191 Quinoa and avocado salad
quinoa, avocado, chickpea, dried tomato
2100 AMD

Salad with Shrimps and Avocado
#192 Salad with Shrimps and Avocado
Shrimp, avocado, grapefruit, cream, arugula, spinach, balsamic sauce
4500 AMD

Burger and Sandwich
#194 Piquant
cheese, ham, tomato, pepper, cucumber
2100 AMD

Club sandwich
#200 Club sandwich
chicken, ham, cheese, tomato
2500 AMD

The Gatsby
#201 The Gatsby
ham, pickled cucumber, lettuce, mayonnaise, cheese Gouda, potato, carrot
2600 AMD

Arancini mushroom and cheese
#210 Arancini mushroom and cheese
3pcs, шарики из риса, грибы, сыр
1100 AMD

Aranchini Classical
1600 AMD

Main Dishes
Beef Striganoff
#223 Beef Striganoff
Onion, cream, mushrooms, pepper, sour cream, greens, veal
2800 AMD

Chicken with grilled vegetables
#224 Chicken with grilled vegetables
grilled chicken breast and vegetables, parsley pesto sauce
3300 AMD

Pork with Vegetables
#225 Pork with Vegetables
fried vegetables, cream, mushrooms, rosemary
3900 AMD

Spaghetti with Shrimps
#226 Spaghetti with Shrimps
Cream, lemon, balsamic sauce
3700 AMD

Chicken Breast
#227 Chicken Breast
served with rice and vegetables
1900 AMD

Delicate veal with meat wine sauce
#229 Delicate veal with meat wine sauce
served with rice and vegetables
4500 AMD

#273 Spas
hot or cold, served with bread
1400 AMD

Soup with lentil and veal
#280 Soup with lentil and veal
veal, lentil, carrot, potato, served with bread
2500 AMD

#281 Consomme
fresh vegetables, fried chicken breast, mushroom, served with bread
1600 AMD

#283 Piti
veal, peas, pepper, tomatoes, carrot, potatoes
2500 AMD

1700 AMD

1700 AMD

Soft Drinks
650 AMD

#454 Fanta
650 AMD

650 AMD

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06 Jul 2021
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09 Nov 2020
01 May 2020
Food was bad
Vahram P.
02 Apr 2020
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