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Life Food

Chia pudding strawberry
#1 Chia pudding strawberry
The complete lack of cholesterol in the chia seeds make it a completely unique product whose beneficial properties help to reduce the level of neutral fats and cholesterol in the blood, thereby improving the condition of the blood vessels. By eliminating blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, chia seeds normalize blood pressure, reduce the risk of developing dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Regular use of products made from chia plant can reduce the number of sudden deaths in case of cardiac muscle diseases by half. Ingredients: • Chia Seeds • Almond milk • Strawberry • Banana • Grape syrup weight: 350g, 353 kcal
2600 AMD

Chia pudding black currant
#2 Chia pudding black currant
Chia seeds include a record number of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega 3 acids act as an antioxidant. They reduce the viscosity of the blood and prevent the appearance of blood clots, help to fight with atherosclerosis. Potassium in the product strengthens the heart muscle and positively affects the health of blood vessels. Ingredients: • Chia Seeds • Almond milk • Black currant • Banana • Grape syrup Weight: 350g, 330 kcal
2600 AMD

Bluberry yogurt with granola
#3 Bluberry yogurt with granola
Blueberries are good for saturation kids organism with vitamins ,because when it is used there is no danger of hypervitaminization, there is no risk of allergy. Fruits and leaves of blueberries contain inulin, so they are successfully used to fight diabetes. Ingredients: • Buckwheat sprouts • Banana • Bilberry • Dates • Ionized water • Granola • Goji Berries weight: 400ml, 340 kcal
2700 AMD

Raspberry yogurt with granola
#4 Raspberry yogurt with granola
Yogurt is superfood, minimum of calories, a huge amount of vitamins and trace elements. Ingredients: • Buckwheat sprouts • Banana • Raspberries • Dates • Ionized water • Granola • Goji berries weight: 400ml, 350 kcal
2700 AMD

Strawberry yogurt with granola
#5 Strawberry yogurt with granola
Tender taste will enjoy by everyone. Sprouts are power Ingredients: • Buckwheat sprouts • Banana • Strawberry • Dates • Ionized water • Goji berries • Apple • Coconut flakes • Granola weight: 400ml, 350 kcal
2300 AMD

Flax porridge with strawberry
#6 Flax porridge with strawberry
Tender taste will enjoy by everyone. Sprouts are power. Ingredients: • Buckwheat sprouts • Banana • Strawberry • Dates • Ionized water • Goji berries • Apple •Coconut flakes • Granola weight: 400ml, 290 kcal
1800 AMD

Flax porrdge with raspberries
#7 Flax porrdge with raspberries
In raspberry there are pectins that remove salts of heavy metals. Raspberry helps to slow the growth of cancer cells, sometimes stopping the growth of the tumor at the very beginning. Ingredients: • Flax • Banana • Raspberries • Dates • Ionized water • Seasonal fruits weight: 400ml, 270 kcal
2300 AMD

Flax porridge with blueberries
#8 Flax porridge with blueberries
Ingredients: • Flax • Banana • Bilberry • Dates • Ionized water • Seasonal fruits weight: 400ml, 265 kcal
2300 AMD

Flax porridge with apple and cinnamon
#9 Flax porridge with apple and cinnamon
For children, especially schoolchildren, cinnamon can bring invaluable benefits. Two or three pinches of this spice per day can positively affect the concentration of attention, strengthen the eyesight . The use of this spice positively affects the work of all vital organ systems, helps in the fight against many diseases, improves overall tone and strengthens the immune system. Ingredients: • Flax • Apple • Cinamon • Dates • Ionized water • Seasonal fruits weight: 400ml, 310 kcal
1500 AMD

#10 Granola
Tasty thing for sweet toots. Carefully dried grains at 40 gr, retaining the beneficial properties of all ingredients. • Green buckwheat • Sesame • Flax seeds • Sunflower seeds • Raisins • Coconut • Honey amount: 5 pieces, 100g/500 kcal
1500 AMD

Apple cinnamon cracker
#11 Apple cinnamon cracker
apple in combination with cinnamon is an active fat burner and a catalyst for biochemical processes in the human body. A combination of apple and cinnamon enhances the fat burning process in the human body and catalyzes biochemical processes. Ingredients: • Flax • Carrot • Apple • Cinamon • Honey • Sesame weight: 150g, 12 pieces, 100g/380 kcal
1000 AMD

Chocolate crackers
#12 Chocolate crackers
What can be healthier and tastier than grains covered with live chocolate? Ingredients: ▪ Grains ▪ Apple ▪ Carrot ▪ Honey ▪ Cacao powder ▪ Walnut weight: 150g, 12 pieces, 100g/410 kcal
1000 AMD

Flax crackers with sunflower seeds
#14 Flax crackers with sunflower seeds
ingredients: • Flax • Carrot • Cilantro • Sunflower seeds • Pink himalayan salt • Pepper weight: 160g, 6pcs calories: 400 kcal/100g
800 AMD

Main Dishes
#69 Rawlma
Armenian dolma in raw version. All the ingredients are “alive“ and have not been thermally processed more than  42`C. A light summer dish, which is very unusual and delicious. You should try our useful dolma at least once. Consisting of: Grape leaves Cauliflower Tomatoes Sunflower seeds Tahini Olive oil ( cold pressed ) Pink Himalayan salt Secret sause from the shef weight: 240g, 8pcs, 360 kcal
2100 AMD

Big burger
#15 Big burger
Even burger could be healthy and nutritious, and at the same time very tasty! Ingredients: • Cereal crispbreads • Patty (raw) • Tomato • Cucumber • Lettuce • Mayo(Raw) weight 350g, 560 kcal
1500 AMD

Rock burger
#16 Rock burger
Even burger could be healthy and nutritious, and at the same time very tasty! Ingredients: • Cereal crispbreads • Nut sauce • Cucumber • Sun-dried tomatos • Lettuce weight: 350g, 530 kcal
1500 AMD

Salad Spring Olivie
#17 Salad Spring Olivie
Created expressly for those who can't imagine a family celebration without beloved Olivie salad. Ingredients: • Zucchini • Cucumber • Green pea • Avocado • Carrot • Parsley • Dill • Cashew - mayo sauce (raw) weight: 330g, 358 kcal
3000 AMD

Waldorf salad
#18 Waldorf salad
The celery root is called a health pantry. If add it daily to food It will stops the process of cell aging and will strengthens the immune system. Ingredients: • Apple • Celery • Walnut • Lettuce • Almond cheese • Cashew -mustard sauce weight: 330g, 290 kcal
2600 AMD

Slalad green boom
#20 Slalad green boom
Greens contain a lot of calcium, it helps aid in blood sugar control, makes a heart healthy and It's also rich in powerful antioxidants . All benefits of greens is simply not counted. Ingredients: • Parsley • Dill • Cilantro • Green onions • Lettuce • Cucumber • White Cabbage • Pepper • Sesame • Celery • Lemon juice • Sunflower seeds • Extra Virgin Olive Oil weight: 350g, 380 kcal
2000 AMD

Salad with Sea Kale
#21 Salad with Sea Kale
Wakame – is a rich source of eicosapentaenoic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. it has been used for blood purification, intestinal strength, skin, hair, reproductive organs and menstrual regularity It helps to prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, blood clotting, and obesity. Wakame has beneficial effects on stroke, hypertension (high blood pressure), viral infections, tumors, oxidation and inflammation while promoting a good immune system. Wakame is a great addition to any diet as there are few things we can eat that are so replete with nutrients and health benefits. Ingredients: • Wakame • Sesame • Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Lemon juice weight: 300g, 290 kcal
2200 AMD

Salad Red Dragon
#22 Salad Red Dragon
Beets detoxify the body, relieve inflammation, and protect against free radicals. Additionally the nitrates in beets can help improve endurance and energy by helping your body utilize oxygen more efficiently. Ingredients: • Beet • Carrot • Pumpkin seeds • Lettuce • Sun-dried tomatos • Cilantro • Garlic • Extra Virgin Olive Oil • Herbes de Provence weight: 300g, 400 kcal
2500 AMD

Salad with cauliflower
#23 Salad with cauliflower
Cauliflower cleans the blood , It strengthens the immune system. It helps to improve intestinal function , slow down cancer cells and has a anti-aging action. The folic acid contained in the cabbage ensures the full development of the brain and spinal cord of the future baby. Ingredients: • Cauliflower • Cucumber • Tomatos • Green onions • Cashew -mustard sauce(raw) • Dill weight: 330g, 550 kcal
2500 AMD

Salad Sateh
#67 Salad Sateh
Incredibly delicious, light and healthy salad. The combination of tastes won t leave anyone indifferent. Ingredients: • Beetroot • Cucumber • Sweet pepper • Chinese cabbage • Lettuce • Dill • Basil • Raw Mayonnaise 280 kcal, 250 kcal
2200 AMD

Mushroom soup
#24 Mushroom soup
Incredibly tasty and healthy soup out of mushrooms . Champignons will reduce the risk of heart attack; also this kind of mushrooms is perfect prophylactic against atherosclerosis.Champinions are capable of lowering blood levels of cholesterol, it helps the pancreas, digestive tract, useful in the presence of a nervous system problems. Ingredients: • Champignons • Almond milk • Cashew • Dill • Extra Virgin Olive Oil weight: 400g, 470 kcal
2700 AMD

#25 Borshch
Specially for those who love juicy Russian borsch, we created our raw-version ! Enjoy the balanced taste of this extremely healthful masterpiece! Ingredients: • Chinese cabbage • Carrot • Beet • Lemon • Orange • Avocado • Sauce mayo (raw) weight: 400g, 280 kcal
2700 AMD

Pumpkin Curry soup
#26 Pumpkin Curry soup
Pumpkin is considered the champion among vegetables in terms of iron and vitamin A. Also in pumpkin pulp there are a lot of pectin fibers which provide the excretion of toxic metabolic products, slags and excess cholesterol. Thanks to this, the pumpkin is very useful for people with heart disease and those who just want to cleanse the body. And the combination of spices will nicely warm you up in this cold season. Ingredients: • Pumpkin • Carrot • Cashew nut • Pumpkin seeds • Cilantro • Olive oil • Red chili pepper • Ginger Weight: 400g Calories: 450 kcal
2500 AMD

Soup Okroshka
#28 Soup Okroshka
Low-calorie, perfectly cooling and simply very delicious soup – what you need on hot summer days. Ingredients: • Cucumber • Avocado • Radish • Dill • Sunflower seeds • Himalayan black salt • Lemon Weight: 400g Calories: 270 kcal
1800 AMD

Pasta with Cashew sauce
#29 Pasta with Cashew sauce
The dishes from zucchini must be included in the menu of people suffering diseases: Heart, vascular, liver, stomach. This vegetable culture is also useful to those who have metabolic problems and have cholesterol. Ingredients: • Zucchini • Sun-dried tomatos • Cilantro • Pumpkin seeds • Cashew- majo sauce weight: 400g, 370 kcal
2500 AMD

Pasta with Pesto sauce
#30 Pasta with Pesto sauce
Soft enshrouding sauce pesto in combination of buckwheat sprouts and carrots! Spicy, bright and oriental playing dish. Ingredients: • Zucchini • Tomato • Pumpkin seeds • Sun -dried olives • Pesto Sauce(raw) weight: 400g, 350 kcal
2500 AMD

Pasta Primavera
#69 Pasta Primavera
90kcal, zuchini, tomato, avocado, provence herbs, ketchup, olive oil cold pressed
2000 AMD

Spring roll
#31 Spring roll
Light and very tasty. Vegetable rolls will satisfy every aesthete. Ingredients: Rice paper Lettuce leaves Chinese cabbage Cucumber Tomatoes Mayonnaise (raw-vegan) Almond cheese (raw-vegan)  2pcs, 200g, 240kcal
1800 AMD

Spring roll with beet
#32 Spring roll with beet
We have prepared rolls of dreams. Juicy, delicious, incredibly healthful and colorful.  Ingredients: Beet Mix: beet, pepper, avocado, cucumber, sauce pesto (raw-vegan) Lettuce leaves Rice paper 2pcs, 200g, 236 kcal
2200 AMD

Nori roll Buddha
#33 Nori roll Buddha
Light, colorful and very tasty nori rolls. Try our raw sushi version. Ingredients: Nori sheet Carrot filling Cucumber Tomato Cashew cheese (raw-vegan) Mayonnaise (raw-vegan) Lettuce 180g, 180 kcal
2000 AMD

Nori roll Samurai
#34 Nori roll Samurai
Light, colorful and very tasty nori rolls. Try our raw sushi version. Ingredients: Nori sheet Beet filling Sweet pepper Tomato Avocado Cheese sauce (raw-vegan) Lettuce 180g, 190 kcal
2000 AMD

Roll Dawn
#70 Roll Dawn
190kcal, cauliflower, cucumber, avocado, cashew mayonaise, nori seaweed sheet
2000 AMD

Cashew majo sauce
#35 Cashew majo sauce
Ingredients: • Cashew • Ionized water • Mustard seeds • Garlic • Lemon • Pink himalayan salt weight: 100g, 560 kcal
1200 AMD

Nut sauce
#36 Nut sauce
Ingredients: • Walnut • Carrot • Cilantro • Pink himalayan salt • Garlic • Ionized water • Lemon juice weight: 100g, 600 kcal
1200 AMD

Pesto sauce
#37 Pesto sauce
Ingredients: • Parsley • Lemon • Cashew • Ionized water • Pink himalayan salt • Extra Virgin Olive Oil weight: 100g, 700 kcal
1200 AMD

Kuchen pieces
#38 Kuchen pieces
Old recipe for classical German pie in raw version. The Black currant and chia seeds are an explosion of taste! Ingredients: • Cashew • Coconut butter • Agave syrup • Lemon • Black currant • Chia Seeds • Grape syrup weight: 55g, 215 kcal
1300 AMD

Freshcake white chocolate pieces
#39 Freshcake white chocolate pieces
Elegant dessert for real gourmets.Combine pleasant with useful. Ingredients: • Cashew • Raspberries • Cacao butter • Agave syrup • Chia seeds • Lime juice • Vanilla weight: 100г, 300 kcal
2000 AMD

Bluberries-strawberry fresh cake pieces
#40 Bluberries-strawberry fresh cake pieces
raw vegan cake - sugar, Gluten, Dairy & Eggs Free. A cake that will not harm health and body. It will give a charge of energy and vitamins. • almond • coconut chips • cashew nuts • strawberry • blueberries • agave syrup weight: 90г, 400 kcal
1800 AMD

Chokocake pieces
#42 Chokocake pieces
For lovers of banana-chocolate taste. Stay sweet tooth, it’s impossible to resist. Ingredients: • Hazelnut • Black raisins • Cocoa powder (Raw) • Banana • Cashew • Coconut butter • Dates • Agave syrup • Cacao butter weight: 100g, 360 kcal
1600 AMD

Chocolate browny in pieces
#43 Chocolate browny in pieces
Who says eating right is not tasty? All chocolate enthusiasts are dedicated to raw, vegan version of all known Browny. Ingredients: • Walnut • Dates • Linen flour • Cocoa powder (Raw) • Caramel (Raw) • Coconut butter • Agave syrup weight: 100g, 290 kcal
1800 AMD

#44 Tiramisu
A divine dessert with coffee taste. Love from the first piece, Ingredients: •Walnut • Cashew • Dates • Cacao butter • Coconut butter • Vanilla • Grape syrup • Almond milk weight: 130g, 440 kcal
1200 AMD

Kuchen cakes
#45 Kuchen cakes
Old recipe for classical German pie in raw version. The Black currant and chia seeds are an explosion of taste! Order a day before delivery. Ingredients: • Cashew • Coconut butter • Agave syrup • Lemon • Black currant • Chia Seeds • Grape syrup weight: 500g
8000 AMD

Chocolate brownie cake
#46 Chocolate brownie cake
Who says eating right is not tasty? All chocolate enthusiasts are dedicated to raw, vegan version of all known Browny. Order a day before delivery, Ingredients: • Walnut • Dates • Linen flour • Cocoa powder (Raw) • Caramel (Raw) • Coconut butter • Agave syrup weight: 900g
15000 AMD

Cherry mousse
#47 Cherry mousse
Traditional combination of chocolate and cherry will not leave anyone indifferent. As usual, only healthful and pleasure. Ingredients: Cashew nut Cherry Coconut manna Cocoa butter Potassium syrup Vanilla Cocoa powder 90g, 330 kcal
1700 AMD

#48 Zebra
Bright, delicious and healthful combination. Important thing is that as usual there is no chemistry, gluten and unknown supplements. Only fresh and seasonal ingredients. Ingredients: Nuts Dates Cashew nut Cocoa powder Cocoa butter Almond milk Agave syrup 100g, 380 kcal
1800 AMD

#70 Rawnuts
Donuts can be useful too. the main thing is they are without nuts! They are light, tasty, with delicate coconut taste! Try them and you will be very-very glad of them! Ingridients:  Green buckwheat flour  Coconut flour Dates Orange juice coconut manna Coconut oil Cacao powder Grape syrup Strawberry sublimated Cinnamon 125 kcal
500 AMD

Cake Berry waltz
#71 Cake Berry waltz
Very deliciouse combination of sea buckthorn, blackcurrant and raspberry. Since our food have not undergone thermal treatment, don`t include lactose, sugar and gluten you can consider the cakes even useful for health. Ingredients: Blackcurrant Natural juice of  sea buckthorn Cashew nuts Coconut manna Coconut butter Syrup of Topinambur Raspberry Chia seeds 250 kcal
1800 AMD

Cake Azure Coast
#72 Cake Azure Coast
100g, 300 kcal. This cake s unusual colour we get from blue spirulina. Spirulina increases the immunity, removes toxics from organism and makes it more durable. And the filling of black currant enriches the cake with vitamins. Ingredients։ Cashew Coconut manna Blue spirulina Cold squeezed coconut oil Cold squeezed cocoa oil Artichoke syrup Almond Carob
1800 AMD

Collection of chocolate candies
#73 Collection of chocolate candies
7pcs, here is the most useful box of chocolates you have seen! The point is that all of our sweets are made without sugar, lactose and gluten. Our chocolate does not undergo heat treatment above 42C, thereby not destroying vitamins, and leaving all the most useful inside. We have created the most popular flavors in our sweets: Bounty, Rafaello, Grillage, Ferrero, Truffle, Belochka, for health. All chocolate is made by hand. That is why you will find love in every piece. Enjoy with pleasure. Ingredients: Cocoa powder raw organic Cocoa butter raw organic Agave syrup raw Coconut flakes Nut and hazelnut Walnut Almond Carob Buckwheat sprouts Artichoke syrup Dried plum
3000 AMD

Ice cream
Strawberry sorbet
#49 Strawberry sorbet
Ingredients: • Banana • Strawberry • Grape syrup weight: 150g, 280 kcal
1200 AMD

Chocolate ice cream
#50 Chocolate ice cream
Ingredients: • Banana • Walnut • Cacao • Grape syrup weight: 150g, 310 kcal
1200 AMD

Strawberry milk
#51 Strawberry milk
Sweet strawberry taste will be enjoyed by kids,and the benefits of such milk will be much more than usual, Ingredients: • Almond • Strawberry • Grape syrup • Ionized water weight: 350ml, 300 kcal
1300 AMD

Almond milk
#52 Almond milk
The first gulp of this milk might mislead you, but believe us, it’s really made of nuts. Ingredients: • Ionized water • Almond weight: 350ml, 240 kcal
1000 AMD

Chocolate milk
#53 Chocolate milk
Tender chocolate taste of almond based milk will not leave you indifferent – it will surely make you smile! Ingredients: •Almond •Dates •Organic cocoa powder •Ionized water weight: 350ml, 320 kcal
1300 AMD

Morning boost smoothie
#54 Morning boost smoothie
This amazing smoothie is a delicious way to detox. Ingredients: • Strawberry • Шпинат • Spirulina • Apple • Chia Seeds • Stevia weight: 450ml, 145 kcal
1800 AMD

Moulin rouge
#55 Moulin rouge
Today Goji berries are one of the most famous superfoods. Goji Berries are a true antioxidant powerhouse, a surprisingly strong source of protein, and contain more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Goji Berries contain 19 essential amino acids, 21 minerals antioxidants, vitamins of group B, omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acids.To list is endless.This superfood supposed to help in the anti-aging process, Increase energy and resistance to stress. Ingredients: • Goji Berries • Almond milk • Strawberry • Banana weight: 450ml, 280 kcal
1800 AMD

Free of toxins
#56 Free of toxins
Spirulina is a superfood that is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. It is largely made up of protein and essential amino acids, and is typically recommended to vegans due to its high natural iron content.The antioxidant that makes spirulina unique is called phycocyanin, which is a potent anti-inflammatory. Ingredients: • Spirulina • Banana • Almond milk • Dates weight: 450ml, 215 kcal
1800 AMD

#57 Portofino
Super smoothie helps to recover after workouts and it's also an excellent breakfast. Ingredients: • Almond milk • Banana • Organic cacao • Dates weight: 450ml, 255 kcal
1800 AMD

Green blow
#58 Green blow
Cleanses the blood, increases immunity, lowers arterial blood pressure, rejuvenates and removes toxins. Ingredients: • Apple • Kiwi • Spinach • Lemon • Stevia weight: 450ml, 140 kcal
1800 AMD

Youth of cleopatra
#59 Youth of cleopatra
Mega useful and tasty smoothie helps gently cleanses the body of toxins, removes free radicals, and restores all the processes of oxidation and reduction, Ingredients: • Apple • Orange • Spinach • Lemon • Chia Seeds • Stevia • Dates weight: 450ml, 240 kcal
1800 AMD

Basil with black currant
#60 Basil with black currant
Mega useful smoothie for gurmans.In India basil is a sacred herb ,its a good recovery drink after surgery, or anytime the immune system needs a boost. Ingredients: • Basil • Black currant • Banana • Protein of cannabis • Chia Seeds • Goji Berries weight: 450ml, 160 kcal
1800 AMD

Solar charge
#61 Solar charge
Strengthens the walls of blood vessels, lowers cholesterol, cleanses the liver and promotes fat burning. Ingredients: • Pumpkin • Orange • Carrot • Ginger weight: 350ml, 250 kcal
1800 AMD

#62 Immunity
This excellent juice increases activity of antioxidants that prevent the development of oncological deseases. This juice cleanses the blood, eliminates toxins, helps digestion and will strengthens the immune system. Ingredients: • Apple • Celery weight: 350ml, 200 kcal
2000 AMD

#63 Lilu
a great juice for those who take care their health! Detox plus immunity.Don't forget vegetables juices are much more useful than fruit. ingredients: • Beet • Carrot • Lemon • Ginger weight: 350ml, 250 kcal
1800 AMD

Morning boost juice
#64 Morning boost juice
Parsley juice is a source of vitamins,beta corantine,folate,nutrients that help improves circulation ,slow down the aging process, improve metabolic process activity of antioxidants that prevent the development of oncological deseases. Cucumber juice – is help remove toxins and lowerblood pressure.In one word It's a magic juice. Ingredients: • Apple • Cucumber • Parsley weight: 350ml, 225 kcal
1800 AMD

Carrot apple juice
#67 Carrot apple juice
Charge of vitamins and cheerfulness for the whole day. Ingredients: • Carrot • Apple weight: 350ml, 300 kcal
1600 AMD

Beet detox
#68 Beet detox
Great combination of calcium and potassium in beets cleanses the blood, eliminates toxins and removes heavy metals. Ingredients: • Beet • Carrot • Apple • Mint weight: 350ml, 300 kcal
1800 AMD

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