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Taboule.Cold MezaHummusTabouleFattoushMoutabalMouhammaraGreek saladShinglishKebbe NayehHummus with meatHot MezaSoujouk with Tomato & OnionSambousek with cheeseSpinach fatayerChicken liver with pomegranate juiceBeef TongueFalafelChicken wings with hot sauceChicken wings with corianderFrench FriesSandwichKebab sandwichBarbecue sandwichShish Tawouk sandwichFalafel sandwichBarbequeIskender kababKhashkhash kababLebanese KababMix BBQToshka Eastern

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Cold Meza
#1 Hummus
250g, chickpeas, tahin, lemon juice
1300 AMD

#2 Taboule
350g, parsley, tomato, bulgur, spices
1600 AMD

#3 Fattoush
400g, lettuce, radish, onion, tomato, cucumber, fried Lebanese bread
1800 AMD

#4 Moutabal
250g, eggplant barbecue, tahin
1500 AMD

#5 Mouhammara
200g, red pepper pasta, nuts, croutons
1800 AMD

Greek salad
#6 Greek salad
400g, Feta cheese, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, olives
2400 AMD

#7 Shinglish
250g, cheese, tomato, onion, rosmarin
1600 AMD

Kebbe Nayeh
#8 Kebbe Nayeh
200g, raw meat, bulgur, snobar
2900 AMD

Hummus with meat
#9 Hummus with meat
350g, hummus, beef
2800 AMD

Hot Meza
Soujouk with Tomato & Onion
#10 Soujouk with Tomato & Onion
350g, Lebanese soujouk fried with tomato and onion
2400 AMD

Sambousek with cheese
#11 Sambousek with cheese
4pcs, 3 types of cheese in a dough
1600 AMD

Spinach fatayer
#12 Spinach fatayer
4pcs, fried spinach in dough
1600 AMD

Chicken liver with pomegranate juice
#13 Chicken liver with pomegranate juice
350g, chicken liver fried with garlic, lemon and pomegranate juice
2000 AMD

Beef Tongue
#14 Beef Tongue
200g, beef tongue, garlic, lemon
1800 AMD

#15 Falafel
300g, ground chickpeas fried with special spices
1800 AMD

French Fries
900 AMD

Kebab sandwich
#19 Kebab sandwich
120g, beef, hummus, onion, parsley
1200 AMD

Barbecue sandwich
#20 Barbecue sandwich
120g, beef, hummus, onion, parsley, tomato
1600 AMD

Shish Tawouk sandwich
#21 Shish Tawouk sandwich
150g, chicken breast, garlic paste, French fries, lettuce
1200 AMD

Falafel sandwich
#22 Falafel sandwich
200g, falafel, lettuce, pickled cucumber, tomato, mint, radish
1000 AMD

Iskender kabab
#23 Iskender kabab
450g, kebab with matzoun and tomato sauce
5200 AMD

Khashkhash kabab
#24 Khashkhash kabab
400g, kebab with tomato and onion spicy sauce
5200 AMD

Lebanese Kabab
#25 Lebanese Kabab
400g, beef
3900 AMD

#26 Mix BBQ
400g, chicken breast, beef kebab and beef bbq tenderloin
4200 AMD

#27 Toshka
250g, Lebanese bread barbecued with beef and cheese
2400 AMD

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15 May 2021
its very bad
15 May 2021
the foods are very bad
Rick E.
30 Nov 2020
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Taboule
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