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Tasty House

Pie, Burger and Sandwich, Shawarma, Hot Dog
Working hours
09:00 - 17:00

Tasty House

Caesar salad
#2 Caesar salad
100g, chicken breast, lettuce, creckers, mayonnaise
520 AMD

Salad with Chicken
#3 Salad with Chicken
150g, chicken, corn, mayonnaise
590 AMD

#5 Taboule
200g, bulgur, lettuce, green onion, parsley, tomato
520 AMD

Salad with Crab
#6 Salad with Crab
200g, crab, cucumber, pickles cucumber, corn, rice, mayonnaise
520 AMD

Salad with Cabbage
#7 Salad with Cabbage
200g, cabbage, carrot, green, oil
390 AMD

Korean Salad
#8 Korean Salad
200g, carrot, onion, garlic, oil
390 AMD

Salad with Broccoli
#9 Salad with Broccoli
200g, broccoli, corn, carrot, green, oil
650 AMD

#10 Vinegret
200g, potato, carrot, bean, pickles cucumber, green, oil
520 AMD

Salad with Beet
#11 Salad with Beet
200g, beet, nut, mayonnaise
390 AMD

390 AMD

Chicken Soup
650 AMD

Chicken iki bir
780 AMD

Fast Food
Chicken burger
#40 Chicken burger
chicken cutlet, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, pepper, green, French fries
650 AMD

Beef burger
#41 Beef burger
beef cutlet, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, pepper, green, french fries
780 AMD

Sandwich with ham
#44 Sandwich with ham
ham, cheese, tomatoes, French fries, pepper
460 AMD

Hot dog
#46 Hot dog
sausages, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, pepper
390 AMD

520 AMD

Mashed Potato
390 AMD

520 AMD

520 AMD

Uzbek Pilaf
520 AMD

520 AMD

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