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How to order?


1. Indicate the delivery address
2. Choose your favorite dishes or products from a variety of restaurants and specialized stores
3. Arrange an online order through our website or our mobile application
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You can also make orders calling us via +374 10 222 000
What’s our delivery time?
Average duration of the delivery is 40 minutes, depending on the time of food preparation and the distance from the restaurant to the place of delivery.
How much is the delivery cost?

Delivery fee is variable depending on:

  • Distance from the restaurant/shop to the customer;
  • From how many restaurants/shops the order is;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Traffic burden.
 Find the current delivery fee on the restaurant/shop page.
Distance:              Delivery from one restaurant/shop is When ordering from more than one restaurant/shop additional delivery fee is charged. 
0-1km 500 AMD 500 AMD
1 - 2km 700 AMD  700 AMD
2 – 3km 800 AMD 800 AMD
3 – 4km 900 AMD 900 AMD
4 – 5km 1000 AMD 1000 AMD
5 – 6km 1200 AMD 1200 AMD
6 – 7km 1300 AMD 1300 AMD
*delivery fee from some restaurants/shops may differ from the above
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