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New-York breakfast
#251 New-York breakfast
salmon, sunflower seeds bread, 2pcs eggs on special brown bread, arugula
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1400 AMD

Fitness musley
#19 Fitness musley
homemade yogurt with straberries, honey, strained yogurt, buckwheat, banana, sunflower seeds
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1500 AMD

European breakfast
#218 European breakfast
prosciutto, Brie cheese, tomato, 3 eggs, ciabatta bread
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3200 AMD

Tiger shrimp tempura
#213 Tiger shrimp tempura
8pcs, served with nut sauce
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4500 AMD

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2000 AMD

Spring rolls
#225 Spring rolls
bean, corn, spinach, cheese, spicy sweet saucw
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1400 AMD

Hummus with Avocado
#272 Hummus with Avocado
avocado, lime, cheese Feta, stuffed with tomato and basilica
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2800 AMD

Red Chicken
#273 Red Chicken
chicken breast, spinach, cheese Parmesan, dried tomato
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2400 AMD

Sweet Chilli Salmon
#274 Sweet Chilli Salmon
served with avocado salad
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4800 AMD

Qinoa salad
#223 Qinoa salad
qinoa, greens, pepper, tomato, sesame, orange, ginger sauce, balsamic cream
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950 AMD

Salad with beet
#41 Salad with beet
spinach, beet, tomato, Feta cheese, pear, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, French mustard sauce, balsamic vinegar
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1050 AMD

Thai steak salad
#43 Thai steak salad
fried beef tenderloin in soy sauce, tomato, lettuce, pine nuts, sauce with blue cheese, served with balsamic cream, olive oil
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1500 AMD

Burried cheese and strawberry salad
#226 Burried cheese and strawberry salad
spinach, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, buried cheese, strawberry, honey, balsamic vinegar
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950 AMD

Classic burger
#61 Classic burger
beef fillet, tomato, iceberg salad, pickles, BBQ sauce, special sauce
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1600 AMD

Double cheeseburger
#62 Double cheeseburger
beef fillet cutlet, double cheese, tomato, pickles, iceberglettuce, special sauce, served with French fries
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2600 AMD

Penne Pesto pasta with shrimps
#209 Penne Pesto pasta with shrimps
Pesto, cream, Parmesan cheese, Cherry tomato
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4400 AMD

Chicken green pasta farfale
#210 Chicken green pasta farfale
farfale, chicken breast, spinach, pistachio, mushrooms, cream, served with Pecorino cheese
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1300 AMD

Spaghetti with bacon and mushroom
#252 Spaghetti with bacon and mushroom
Mortadella mushrooms, bacon, Parmesan cheese, cream
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1000 AMD

Penne with tomato and basil
#253 Penne with tomato and basil
penne, tomato sauce, basil, Parmesan cheese
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1050 AMD

Tagliatelle with seafood
#254 Tagliatelle with seafood
king shrimp, mussels, carrots, olives, white wine, cream, Parmesan cheese
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1900 AMD

Homemade ravioli
#255 Homemade ravioli
spinach, Parmesan cheese, pistachio, cream, ricotta, Pesto sauce
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1100 AMD

Pizza avocado
#220 Pizza avocado
avocado, tomato, nuts, Dor blue cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Pesto sauce
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1400 AMD

Pizza 4 cheese special
#79 Pizza 4 cheese special
pesto sauce, Dutch cheese, 2 types of Mozzarella, Blue cheese, dried tomatoes
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1700 AMD

Pizza Mix
#225 Pizza Mix
half picanta, half vegetarian, half quatro formaggi, half con prosciutto
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3200 AMD

Pizza Toscana
#271 Pizza Toscana
8pcs, bacon, mushroom, cheese Mozzarella
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1600 AMD

Hot Dishes
Classic steak
#86 Classic steak
beef tendeloin, grilled vegetables, mustard sauce,, cooking time 25-40 minutes, depending on your chosen preparation degree
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5500 AMD

Grilled chicken new
#270 Grilled chicken new
chicken breast, tomato, arugula, Parmesan cheese, pepper mushroom sauce
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2200 AMD

Thai chicken with noodles
#207 Thai chicken with noodles
chicken breast, egg, broccoli, noodles, carrot, peanuts, special sauce
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1650 AMD

Spicy chicken with avocado
#205 Spicy chicken with avocado
chicken breast, special sauce, pepper, avocado, onion, iceberg salad
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3100 AMD

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Tigran T.
04 Jun 2021
11 May 2021
Lusine G.
27 Apr 2021
This was the worst ordering experience I’ve ever had. The Italian ravioli has CURRY sauce on it. The salad did not have tomatoes or greens as described and was just quinoa and a peppers.
19 Apr 2021
29 Mar 2021
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