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Armat Cafe Restaurant.BreakfastOmeletteOmelette with MushroomOmelette with cheeseOmelette with tomatoOmelette with baconSmoked fillet sandwichSausage with mustardFrench breakfastBruschetta with TomatoBruschetta with SalmonAppetizersBruschettaCheese assortedMeat assortedBuffalo wings with Coca Cola sauceNuggetsVegetable plate with cheese sauceCroquettes with cheeseSet SausagesGrand SetSaladsArarat saladCaesar saladCaesar with ShrimpsVeal saladArmat saladSummer SaladGreek saladPepe SaladUnagi saladWafflesWaffle with banana and nutellaWaffle ice cream with berry sauce Ice cream with fruitWaffle with nutella M&M and ice creamSoupsSpasChicken soupPumpkin cream-soupMushroom cream soupHot dishesBeefstroganoffFahitasChicken quesadillaKyufta with creamy sauceTawa kebabCutlet-RatatuyTolmaBon appetitChicken breast with mustard sauceStuffed chicken fillet with cheeseGrilled porkThai beefArmat roast with wine and mushroomsNew York steakSalmon filletPizzaPizza Quatro FormagiPizza PepperoniPizza CaprichiosaImeretian KhachapuriPastaPasta CarbonaraPasta Quatro FormagiFetuchini with chicken and broccoliPasta BologneseArishta with beet leavesSeafood with sobaDessertBird milkPakhlavaBerry napoleonCheesecakeProfiterol European
Armat Cafe Restaurant

Working hours
10:00 - 00:00

Armat Cafe Restaurant

#44 Omelette
3pcs of toast, 2 egg, oil, butter
900 AMD

Omelette with Mushroom
#49 Omelette with Mushroom
2 egg, mushroom, oil, butter
1200 AMD

Omelette with cheese
#50 Omelette with cheese
2 egg, Gouda cheese, oil, butter
1200 AMD

Omelette with tomato
#51 Omelette with tomato
2 egg, tomato, butter, oil
1300 AMD

Omelette with bacon
#52 Omelette with bacon
2 egg, bacon, oil, butter
1300 AMD

Smoked fillet sandwich
#53 Smoked fillet sandwich
2pcs of toast, smoked pork fillet, Dutch cheese, butter
1400 AMD

Sausage with mustard
#54 Sausage with mustard
2pcs of boiled sausage, granulated mustard, spicy
2200 AMD

French breakfast
#55 French breakfast
croissant, tomato, cucumber salami, egg, beans with tomato sauce, sausage with bacon and cheese
2900 AMD

Bruschetta with Tomato
#1 Bruschetta with Tomato
5pcs crackers, tomato, olives, oregano
1300 AMD

Bruschetta with Salmon
#3 Bruschetta with Salmon
5 of bread, kalamata salmon, Parmesan cheese, olive oil
2600 AMD

#7 Bruschetta
5 of bread, kalamata olives, Parmesan cheese, olive oil
2500 AMD

Cheese assorted
#14 Cheese assorted
honey, fruit, Gouda cheese, Roquefort cheese, goat cheese, camembert cheese, Parmesan cheese, brie cheese, crackers, bread sticks
2800 AMD

Meat assorted
#19 Meat assorted
fruit, bread sticks, cracker, basturma, sujukh, chorizo, prosciutto, salchicho, tuscany
3200 AMD

Buffalo wings with Coca Cola sauce
#23 Buffalo wings with Coca Cola sauce
chicken wings, cola sauce, cucumber, carrot
2500 AMD

#25 Nuggets
200g, chicken breast, French Fries
1900 AMD

Vegetable plate with cheese sauce
#151 Vegetable plate with cheese sauce
radish, bell pepper, lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, broccoli, carrot, cheese sauce
2300 AMD

Croquettes with cheese
#152 Croquettes with cheese
Cheddar cheese, Gouda cheese
2700 AMD

Set Sausages
#153 Set Sausages
9pcs of German sausage, khren sauce, dijon mustard sauce
6900 AMD

Grand Set
#154 Grand Set
new york steak, grilled calafash, kufta, cheese croquette, grilled vegetables, country potatoes, stuffed chicken fillet with mushrooms, german sausage
24000 AMD

Ararat salad
#57 Ararat salad
150g, tarragon, coriander, green onion, dill, lemon juice, oil, radish
1900 AMD

Caesar salad
#59 Caesar salad
280g, lettuce, chicken breast, cheese Parmesan, croutons
2200 AMD

Caesar with Shrimps
#60 Caesar with Shrimps
lettuce, shrimp, Parmesan cheese, rusks, cherry tomatoes, basil
3400 AMD

Veal salad
#62 Veal salad
220g, veal fillet, bell pepper, eggplant, lettuce, sesame, wine, soya
3100 AMD

Armat salad
#65 Armat salad
220g, beetroot leaves, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, mustard sauce, beef fille, chicken breast
3200 AMD

Summer Salad
#66 Summer Salad
tomato, cucumber, lettuce, local pepper, oil, dill, coriander
1500 AMD

Greek salad
#67 Greek salad
tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olive oil, Feta cheese, oregano, olives
2100 AMD

Pepe Salad
#68 Pepe Salad
beef tenderloin, bell pepper, carrot, coriander, balsamic, cherry tomato, sunflower oil
2800 AMD

Unagi salad
#69 Unagi salad
eel, beetroot, lettuce, soy, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, rice, bell pepper, curry, carrot, sesame
3900 AMD

Waffle with banana and nutella
#145 Waffle with banana and nutella
banana, nutella, waffle, nut
2100 AMD

Waffle ice cream with berry sauce
#146 Waffle ice cream with berry sauce
waffle, ice cream, raspberry, strawberry
2200 AMD

 Ice cream with fruit
#147 Ice cream with fruit
waffle, fruit, ice cream, mint, powdered sugar
2300 AMD

Waffle with nutella M&M and ice cream
#148 Waffle with nutella M&M and ice cream
waffle, ice cream, chocolate stick, M&M's
2800 AMD

#73 Spas
350ml, yogurt, sour-cream, groat
1000 AMD

Chicken soup
#75 Chicken soup
350ml, chicken breast, bell pepper, carrot, potato, rice
1200 AMD

Pumpkin cream-soup
#78 Pumpkin cream-soup
300ml, pumpkin, lentil, cream
1400 AMD

Mushroom cream soup
#80 Mushroom cream soup
300ml, mushrooms, cream, bacon
1700 AMD

Hot dishes
#84 Beefstroganoff
330g, beef fillet, potato, sour-cream, cream, tomato
2800 AMD

#86 Fahitas
350g, beef fillet, bell pepper, jalapeno, tomato
2900 AMD

Chicken quesadilla
#92 Chicken quesadilla
350g, chicken breast, champignon, cheese Suluguni
2100 AMD

Kyufta with creamy sauce
#96 Kyufta with creamy sauce
280g, kyufta, onion, tarragon, bulgarian peper, cream
2100 AMD

Tawa kebab
#98 Tawa kebab
200g, chicken breast, onion
1700 AMD

#100 Cutlet-Ratatuy
450g, zucchini, tomato, eggplant, cutlet of lentil
2200 AMD

#102 Tolma
500g, cabbage tolma 6pcs, tolma with grape leaves 5pcs
2800 AMD

Bon appetit
#105 Bon appetit
320g, veal, champignon, cheese Mozzarella, eggplant, onion, cream
2900 AMD

Chicken breast with mustard sauce
#107 Chicken breast with mustard sauce
250g, chicken breast, lemon, garlic, rice
2700 AMD

Stuffed chicken fillet with cheese
#119 Stuffed chicken fillet with cheese
chicken fillet, suluguni, champignons, dill
2800 AMD

Grilled pork
#120 Grilled pork
stuffed pork with spinach, french free
4800 AMD

Thai beef
#121 Thai beef
beef tenderloin, pumpkin, eggplant, chili pepper, onion puree, green onion, coriander, soy, garlic, cherry tomato, pickled ginger
5100 AMD

Armat roast with wine and mushrooms
#122 Armat roast with wine and mushrooms
beef fillet, champignon, cream
5400 AMD

New York steak
#123 New York steak
beef fillet, fried cherry tomato, demiglas sauce
5900 AMD

Salmon fillet
#124 Salmon fillet
salmon, oil, marinated ginger, balsamic cream, basil
6500 AMD

Pizza Quatro Formagi
#111 Pizza Quatro Formagi
33cm, 8pcs, cheese Roquefort, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gouda
2600 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#113 Pizza Pepperoni
33cm, 8pcs, peperoni, cheese Mozzarela
2400 AMD

Pizza Caprichiosa
#115 Pizza Caprichiosa
33cm, 8pcs, cheese Roquefort, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gouda
2500 AMD

Imeretian Khachapuri
#116 Imeretian Khachapuri
25cm, Suluguni cheese, dough
2600 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#127 Pasta Carbonara
400g, spagetti, cheese Parmesan, yolk, cream
2500 AMD

Pasta Quatro Formagi
#129 Pasta Quatro Formagi
400g, fussili, cheese Roquefort, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gouda, cream
2700 AMD

Fetuchini with chicken and broccoli
#131 Fetuchini with chicken and broccoli
350g, fettuccine, champignon, cream, broccoli, cheese Parmesan
2600 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#133 Pasta Bolognese
400g, spagetti, veal, carrot, tomato, garlic, celery, cheese Parmesan
2300 AMD

Arishta with beet leaves
#134 Arishta with beet leaves
noodles, beetroot, cherry tomato, yogurt
1800 AMD

Seafood with soba
#135 Seafood with soba
carrot, green onion, white onion, curry, garlic, soba, sea cocktail, coriander, pumpkin, marinated ginger, oil
3900 AMD

Bird milk
#159 Bird milk
110g, eggs, butter, milk, chocolate
1400 AMD

#162 Pakhlava
110g, puff pastry, walnuts, honey
1500 AMD

Berry napoleon
#167 Berry napoleon
160g, puff pastry, strawberry
1800 AMD

#168 Cheesecake
170g, eggs, butter, cream, cheese Mascarpone
1900 AMD

#170 Profiterol
100-120g, eclairs, cream, strawberry, chocolate toping
1500 AMD

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