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Big Book

Salad Kentessa
#1 Salad Kentessa
320g, veal, pineapple, apple, lettuce, kentessa sauce
2200 AMD

Salad with qinuoa and broccoli
#2 Salad with qinuoa and broccoli
280g, mushroom champignons, tomato, lettuce, rucola, qinoua, broccoli, honey, spices
1600 AMD

Salad Caprese
#3 Salad Caprese
320g, Mozzarella cheese, tomato, oil, Pesto sauce, spices
1900 AMD

Salad Philadelphia
#4 Salad Philadelphia
360g, rucola, spices, beet, cream cheese, almond
1350 AMD

Greek salad
#5 Greek salad
300g, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, pepper, spices, oil, Fetta cheese, olives
1400 AMD

#6 Calzone
550g, champignons, ham, spices
1700 AMD

Pizza Caprichosa small
#7 Pizza Caprichosa small
28cm, 4pcs, champignons, ham, spices
1600 AMD

Pizza Caprichosa big
#8 Pizza Caprichosa big
35cm, 6pcs, champignons, ham, spices
2300 AMD

Pizza Focaccha
#7 Pizza Focaccha
600g, Mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, ham, spices
1900 AMD

Mushroom cream soup
#8 Mushroom cream soup
300g, cream, champignons, onion, greens, oil, toast bread, spices, wine, broth
1100 AMD

Frutti de mare
#9 Frutti de mare
320g, milk cream, carrot, onion, greens, lemon, pelate, wine, shrimp
1900 AMD

Ravioli Bolognese
#10 Ravioli Bolognese
290g, veal fillet, butter, egg, tomato paste, garlic, carrot, celery
1900 AMD

Penne Bolognese
#11 Penne Bolognese
180g, veal fillet, carrot, spices, pork, pelate, wine
1500 AMD

Burger and sandwich
Black burger with blueberry sauce
#12 Black burger with blueberry sauce
250g, chicken breast, milk cream, Mozzarella cheese, French fries, spices, wine, Blueberry sauce
1500 AMD

Panini with chicken breast
#13 Panini with chicken breast
300g, Mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, rucola, oil, mayonnaise, vinegar, Pesto sauce, wine, spices
1500 AMD

Hot dishes
Spicy chicken wings
#14 Spicy chicken wings
300g, 6pcs, milk cream, chicken wings, greens, ketchup, pelate, mac, spices
1450 AMD

Big book set
#15 Big book set
500g, veal fillet, chicken breast, pork loin, pork ribs, lamb, pepper, potato, onion, lettuce, corn, marinated cucumber, spices, wine
9800 AMD

Pork with Campari sauce
#16 Pork with Campari sauce
350g, pork fillet, milk cream, potato, greens, spices, wine, capers
3200 AMD

Chicken sticks
#17 Chicken sticks
250g, chicken breast, egg, spices, greens, tomato, lettuce
1300 AMD

Chimichanga de pollo
#18 Chimichanga de pollo
270g, chicken breast, cream, Mozzarella cheese, wine, tortilla, marinated bean, corn, spices
1300 AMD

Chimichanga de spinachi
#19 Chimichanga de spinachi
250g, mushroom, spinach, chicken breast, cream, Mozzarella cheese, wine
1100 AMD

BBQ and kebab
Chicken kebab
700 AMD

Beef kebab
800 AMD

Beef kebab with vegetables and Mozzarella cheese
#23 Beef kebab with vegetables and Mozzarella cheese
200g, veal, Mozzarella cheese, lavash, spcies
1700 AMD

Veal tenderloin BBQ
#24 Veal tenderloin BBQ
250-300g, 5pcs, veal tenderloin, potato, spices
3700 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
#25 Pork loin BBQ
350g, 1-2pcs, pork loin, potato, spices
3200 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
#26 Pork ribs BBQ
350g, 4-6pcs, pork ribs, potato
3000 AMD

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