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Dragon Garden.SaladsThai saladSoya sprout saladChinese vegetable saladSalad pig earsSalad Fyn SeSalad with veal fillet by ChefSummer saladGokhan TartarChuka salad Salad Gurin RandoSoupsSpicy mushroom soupSoup with veal and eggSpicy chicken soupSeafood soupChinese soupSpicy-sour soupTom Yum soupTom KhaRamen soupSyake MisoDishes with chickenChicken with sesame seedsCrispy chickenSpicy chickenChicken with champignon and chinese spicesChicken with pineappleCrispy chicken wingsChicken with vegetableChicken on panChicken cashewChicken in sour sweet sauceChicken Gong BaoOrange chicken in sour sweet sauceChicken on pan with green onionTori Teriyaki Chicken in Kimchi sauceVeal dishesVeal with vegetableVeal with champignon and chinese spicesVeal with broccoliVeal with corianderVeal in spicy-sour-sweet sauce on fireVeal with black mushroom on pan in spicy-sour-sweet sauceVeal on panKyan-So with vealVeal with red wineVeal in Kimchi saucePork dishesPork in dough in sour sweet saucePork on pan with green onionPork on panPork Gong BaoPork with vegetablePork with shrimp in spicy-sour-sweet sauce on fireSpicy porkPork in spicy sour-sweet-sauce on fireMa La spicy porkPork in Kimchi sauceShongo PayLamb dishesLamb on panLamb with corianderLamb with vegetablesSpicy lamb on fireDuck dishesDuck in Beijing styleDuck on panOstrich dishesOstrich with corianderOstrich in spicy-sour-sweet sauce on fireOstrich in Kimchi sauceSeafoodOctopus on panFirm dish Dragon FamilySon-Shu fishShrimp with cashewStewed fishSalmon fillet in spicy sour sweet sauce on panSalmon fillet on panNiniku Ebi Syake Teriyaki InariCripsy ShrimpsSnails in oyster sauceHai YangTai Ping YangCrispy Trout filletShrimps in Gamma sauceZone Yu FaDishes with riceFried rice with shrimpFried rice with vealFried rice with chickenFried rice with porkYang Chow fried rice with vegetables and eggVegetable Tepanyaki Rice Tepanyaki with chicken Rice Tepanyaki with seafoodRiceNoodles and UdonNoodles with chickenNoodles with porkNoodles with vealNoodles with shrimpNoodlesTori Yaki Udon Yasai Yaki Udon Kaysen Yaki Udon Gyu Yaki Udon Tori SobaBread and PelmeniChinese breadBoiled pelmeniFried pelmeniVegetable dishesFried vegetablesFrench FriesSpring pancakeDoudziFried DoudziDessertFried apple in caramelFried banana in caramelCashew in caramelFried Ice creamKitana White Orchid Black OrchidHosomakiKappa makiChuka maki Avocado maki Ebi tobiko makiYasai maki Teka maki Sake Kunsey maki Sake Maki HosomakiUnagi maki Sake avocado maki Hoshi makiClassic rollCalifornia syake Classic rollBonito Classic rollCanada Classic rollDinamit Classic rollVeggie Classic rollGolden Dragon Classic rollCatana Classic rollGreen Dragon Classic rollKavasaki Classic rollTokyo Black Classic rollPhiladelphia Classic rollCalifornia Ebi Classic rollRainbow Classic rollDomino Classic rollDragon Garden Classic rollCalifornia Crab Classic rollNatsu Classic rollChess Classic rollPhiladelphia Deluxe Classic rollKabuto Classic rollTomarigi Classic RollFureko Maguro Classic RollMidori Maguro Classic RollJalapenoKurikettoBuranjoHebi KiroAkashingoKagayakuSumokuNekomeBanaoAki RollAburako Green onion rollGrilled TunaHot rollVulkan Hot RollPhiladelphia grill Hot RollKiu Teriyaki Hot rollTempuraTakei Tempura rollSakura Tempura rollCalifornia Boom Tempura rollThai Tempura rollSake Ikura Tempura rollBudda Tempura rollIka TempuraEbi TempuraTempuraSashimiSake SashimiUnagi SashimiEbi SashimiSake Kunsey SashimiThai SashimiTuna SashimiSushi NigiriUnagi NigiriThai NigiriSake Kunsey NigiriEbi NigiriSake NigiriTuna NigiriSetSyogun SetOsaka SetButterfly SetDragon Garden SetSet EmperorTempura SetThai menuKimchi soupThai rice with shrimpsEdamameWith beerSmoked sausages in spicy sauceBavarian sausages big assortieChicken sticksBeerHeinekenMillerCorona Chinese, Thai, Asian
Dragon Garden

Chinese, Thai, Asian
Working hours
11:30 - 01:00

Dragon Garden

Thai salad
#49 Thai salad
480g, veal fillet, bell pepper, beet leaf, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, sesame
4300 AMD

Soya sprout salad
#52 Soya sprout salad
480g, soya sprout, carrot, cucumber
3100 AMD

Chinese vegetable salad
#54 Chinese vegetable salad
480g, cabbage, funchoza, carrot, cucumber, black mushrooms
2800 AMD

Salad pig ears
#56 Salad pig ears
480g, black and white sea mushrooms, carrot, cucumber
3100 AMD

Salad Fyn Se
#58 Salad Fyn Se
480g, chicken, funchoza, carrot, cucumber
3200 AMD

Salad with veal fillet by Chef
#60 Salad with veal fillet by Chef
480g, veal, onion, coriander, bell pepper, sesame
4600 AMD

Summer salad
#63 Summer salad
480g, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, lemon, bell pepper, capers
2800 AMD

Gokhan Tartar
#69 Gokhan Tartar
rice, salmon, avocado, crab, kimchi sauce, tobiko, mayonnaise, lime
8300 AMD

Chuka salad
2800 AMD

Salad Gurin Rando
#75 Salad Gurin Rando
cashew, mango, carrot, cucumber, mayonnaise, cabbage
3600 AMD

Spicy mushroom soup
#84 Spicy mushroom soup
600g, champignon, carrot, black and white mushroom
1700 AMD

Soup with veal and egg
#87 Soup with veal and egg
600g, veal fillet, egg
1900 AMD

Spicy chicken soup
#90 Spicy chicken soup
chicken, black and white sea mushroom, cucumber
1800 AMD

Seafood soup
#92 Seafood soup
600g, sea cocktail, black and white mushroom, wakame
3300 AMD

Chinese soup
#93 Chinese soup
chicken, funchoza, black and white sea mushrooms
1800 AMD

Spicy-sour soup
#97 Spicy-sour soup
600g, sea mushrooms, carrot, cucumber, champignon, chicken breast
1900 AMD

Tom Yum soup
#102 Tom Yum soup
shrimp, champignon, chicken, coconut milk
4200 AMD

Tom Kha
#108 Tom Kha
sea cocktail, shrimps, mussels, octopus, coconut milk
5800 AMD

Ramen soup
#111 Ramen soup
chicken breast, wheat noodles, soy sprouts, egg, nori, green onion
3100 AMD

Syake Miso
#113 Syake Miso
salmon, mushroom nameko, tofu, green onion, miso broth
4900 AMD

Dishes with chicken
Crispy chicken
#120 Crispy chicken
700g, chicken, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, funchoza
4200 AMD

Spicy chicken
#124 Spicy chicken
700g, chicken, bell pepper, black mushroom, chili
5300 AMD

Chicken with champignon and chinese spices
#128 Chicken with champignon and chinese spices
700g, chicken breast, champignons, bell pepper, chili, onion, garlic
4800 AMD

Crispy chicken wings
#134 Crispy chicken wings
700g, chicken wings, funchoza, sauce
4200 AMD

Chicken with vegetable
#139 Chicken with vegetable
700g, chicken, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, bell pepper, black mushrooms
4900 AMD

Chicken on pan
#142 Chicken on pan
700g, chicken, onion, bell pepper
5200 AMD

Chicken cashew
#146 Chicken cashew
700g, chicken breast, bell pepper, Indian nut cashew, carrot
5600 AMD

Chicken Gong Bao
#151 Chicken Gong Bao
700g, chicken breast, peanut, carrot, bell pepper, chili
4900 AMD

Chicken on pan with green onion
#157 Chicken on pan with green onion
700g, chicken, bell pepper, black mushrooms, onion
5200 AMD

Tori Teriyaki
#166 Tori Teriyaki
chicken breast, rice, Teriyaki sauce
3700 AMD

Chicken in Kimchi sauce
#678 Chicken in Kimchi sauce
chicken breast,onion,Chinese beans
4900 AMD

Veal dishes
Veal with vegetable
#171 Veal with vegetable
700g, veal fillet, cabbage, carrot, black mushrooms, champignon, cucumber, bell pepper
6300 AMD

Veal with champignon and chinese spices
#174 Veal with champignon and chinese spices
700g, veal fillet, bell pepper, onion
6200 AMD

Veal with broccoli
#177 Veal with broccoli
700g, veal fillet, broccoli, carrot
6400 AMD

Veal with coriander
#179 Veal with coriander
700g, veal fillet, bell pepper, coriander, chili, zira, green onion, onion
6600 AMD

Veal in spicy-sour-sweet sauce on fire
#182 Veal in spicy-sour-sweet sauce on fire
700g, veal in spicy sour-sweet-sauce, bell pepper, black mushrooms, served without fire
6300 AMD

Veal with black mushroom on pan in spicy-sour-sweet sauce
6200 AMD

Veal on pan
#187 Veal on pan
700g, veal, onion, bell pepper
6400 AMD

Kyan-So with veal
#191 Kyan-So with veal
700g, aromated veal, black mushroom, bell pepper, chili
5800 AMD

Veal with red wine
#197 Veal with red wine
veal fillet, sea black mushroom, bell pepper
6600 AMD

Veal in Kimchi sauce
#681 Veal in Kimchi sauce
veal fillet,onion,chinese beans
6800 AMD

Pork dishes
Pork in dough in sour sweet sauce
#205 Pork in dough in sour sweet sauce
700g, pork in dough, bell pepper, black mushrooms
5100 AMD

Pork on pan with green onion
#210 Pork on pan with green onion
700g, pork fillet, green onion, bell pepper
5400 AMD

Pork on pan
#213 Pork on pan
700g, pork, bell pepper, onion
5400 AMD

Pork Gong Bao
#216 Pork Gong Bao
700g, pork, peanut, carrot, bell pepper
5600 AMD

Pork with vegetable
#219 Pork with vegetable
700g, pork, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, bell pepper, black mushrooms
5400 AMD

Spicy pork
#228 Spicy pork
700g, pork, bell pepper, black mushrooms, chili
5300 AMD

Pork in spicy sour-sweet-sauce on fire
#230 Pork in spicy sour-sweet-sauce on fire
700g, pork, bell pepper, black mushrooms, chili, served without fire
5600 AMD

Ma La spicy pork
4800 AMD

Pork in Kimchi sauce
#685 Pork in Kimchi sauce
pork,onion,Chinese beans
4900 AMD

Shongo Pay
#686 Shongo Pay
pork fingers, broccoli, potato
6700 AMD

Lamb dishes
Lamb on pan
#237 Lamb on pan
700g, lamb, bell pepper, onion
7200 AMD

Lamb with coriander
#243 Lamb with coriander
700g, lamb, bell pepper, onion, coriander, green onion, zira
7200 AMD

Lamb with vegetables
#250 Lamb with vegetables
700g, lamb, bell pepper, black mushroom, cabbage, cucumber, carrot
6800 AMD

Spicy lamb on fire
#253 Spicy lamb on fire
700g, lamb, bell pepper, onion
7800 AMD

Duck dishes
Duck in Beijing style
#256 Duck in Beijing style
1.5-2kg, whole duck, order 6 hours before delivery
23700 AMD

Duck on pan
#259 Duck on pan
500g, duck breast, black mushrooms, bell pepper, green onion 
9300 AMD

Ostrich dishes
Ostrich with coriander
#263 Ostrich with coriander
700g, ostrich, bell pepper, hot pepper, corinader, onion
7600 AMD

Ostrich in spicy-sour-sweet sauce on fire
7400 AMD

Ostrich in Kimchi sauce
#689 Ostrich in Kimchi sauce
ostrich,onion,Chinese beans
7600 AMD

Octopus on pan
#271 Octopus on pan
800g, octopus, broccoli, bell pepper, green onion
8600 AMD

Firm dish Dragon Family
#276 Firm dish Dragon Family
1.8kg, frog legs, Sterlet fillet, Squid, Shrimp, cashew
33500 AMD

Son-Shu fish
#280 Son-Shu fish
1.8kg, trout, sesame, order 45 minutes before delivery
10800 AMD

Shrimp with cashew
#284 Shrimp with cashew
700g, shrimp, bell pepper, Indian nut cashew, green onion
10600 AMD

Stewed fish
#290 Stewed fish
1.8kg, trout, onion, green onion, coriandre, bell pepper, garlic, order 40 minutes before delivery
9800 AMD

Salmon fillet in spicy sour sweet sauce on pan
#292 Salmon fillet in spicy sour sweet sauce on pan
700g, salmon fillet, sea black mushroom, chili
10800 AMD

Salmon fillet on pan
#295 Salmon fillet on pan
700g, salmon fillet, bell pepper, black mushroom, onion
13300 AMD

Niniku Ebi
#301 Niniku Ebi
shrimp, teriyaki sauce, rice
6400 AMD

Syake Teriyaki
#304 Syake Teriyaki
Salmon, rice, teriyaki sauce
9300 AMD

#306 Inari
mussels, bell pepper, carrot, black mushroom, soy sauce
4200 AMD

Cripsy Shrimps
#663 Cripsy Shrimps
shrimps, dry bread Panko, funchoza, sauce
10700 AMD

Snails in oyster sauce
#664 Snails in oyster sauce
ongole, black mushrooms, chinese beans
4600 AMD

Hai Yang
#671 Hai Yang
octopus large, shrimp, squid, ongole, small octopus, chinese beans
48800 AMD

Tai Ping Yang
#675 Tai Ping Yang
large octopus tentacles, shrimp, squid, ongole, small octopus, Chinese beans, lemon, funchoza
17800 AMD

Crispy Trout fillet
#692 Crispy Trout fillet
trout fillet, Chinese toasted bread, Chinese beans, sauce
4800 AMD

Shrimps in Gamma sauce
#704 Shrimps in Gamma sauce
shrimps, black mushrooms, Chinese beans
9800 AMD

Zone Yu Fa
#731 Zone Yu Fa
trout fish, rice
5600 AMD

Dishes with rice
Fried rice with shrimp
#309 Fried rice with shrimp
shrimp, rice, carrot, cucumber, corn, green onion
3400 AMD

Fried rice with veal
#312 Fried rice with veal
500g, veal, rice, carrot, cucumber, corn, green onion
3200 AMD

Fried rice with chicken
#314 Fried rice with chicken
500g, chicken, rice, carrot, cucumber, corn, green onion
2600 AMD

Fried rice with pork
#317 Fried rice with pork
500g, pork fillet, rice, carrot, cucumber, corn, green onion
2800 AMD

Yang Chow fried rice with vegetables and egg
#320 Yang Chow fried rice with vegetables and egg
500g, rice, carrot, cucumber, egg, corn
2300 AMD

Vegetable Tepanyaki
#325 Vegetable Tepanyaki
broccoli, bell pepper, onion, champignon, rice, egg
3600 AMD

Rice Tepanyaki with chicken
#327 Rice Tepanyaki with chicken
chicken breast, bell pepper, onion, champignon, rice, egg
4200 AMD

Rice Tepanyaki with seafood
#330 Rice Tepanyaki with seafood
sea cocktail, bell pepper, champignon, rice, onion
5600 AMD

#333 Rice
1200 AMD

Noodles and Udon
Noodles with chicken
#336 Noodles with chicken
400g, noodles, carrot, cucumber, champignon, chicken fillet
3800 AMD

Noodles with pork
#338 Noodles with pork
400g, noodles, carrot, cucumber, champignon, pork
3900 AMD

Noodles with veal
#340 Noodles with veal
400g, noodles, carrot, cucumber, champignon, veal
3800 AMD

Noodles with shrimp
#342 Noodles with shrimp
400g, noodles, carrot, cucumber, champignon, shrimp
4300 AMD

1200 AMD

Tori Yaki Udon
#351 Tori Yaki Udon
wheat noodles, bell pepper, chicken breast, champignon, spicy-sweet sauce, onion
4600 AMD

Yasai Yaki Udon
#353 Yasai Yaki Udon
noodles, broccoli, bell pepper, champignon, wine, onion
4100 AMD

Kaysen Yaki Udon
#355 Kaysen Yaki Udon
wheat noodles, sea coctail, bell pepper, champignon, onion, oyster sauce
5400 AMD

Gyu Yaki Udon
#357 Gyu Yaki Udon
veal fillet, bell pepper, champignon, noodles udon, chili, sauce tankatsu, onion
4900 AMD

Tori Soba
#359 Tori Soba
wheat noodles, bell pepper, chicken breast, champignon, broccoli, spicy-sweet sauce
4600 AMD

Bread and Pelmeni
Boiled pelmeni
#365 Boiled pelmeni
12pcs, pelmeni with veal
3400 AMD

Fried pelmeni
#367 Fried pelmeni
12pcs, pelmeni with veal
3600 AMD

Vegetable dishes
Fried vegetables
#370 Fried vegetables
200g, potato, eggplant, carrot, bell pepper, green onion
3400 AMD

Spring pancake
#372 Spring pancake
spring roll, black mushroom, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, eggs
3300 AMD

#705 Doudzi
Chinese beans
2200 AMD

Fried Doudzi
#707 Fried Doudzi
Chinese beans
2400 AMD

Cashew in caramel
4800 AMD

#391 Kitana
apple, kiwi, cheese, pancake
4200 AMD

White Orchid
#394 White Orchid
strawberry, banana, kiwi, coconut flakes
4700 AMD

Black Orchid
#396 Black Orchid
strawberry, mango, banana, chocolate
4300 AMD

Kappa maki
#399 Kappa maki
8pcs, cucumber, sesame
1400 AMD

Chuka maki
#409 Chuka maki
8pcs, seaweed (chuka)
1800 AMD

Avocado maki
#417 Avocado maki
8pcs, avocado
1800 AMD

Ebi tobiko maki
#425 Ebi tobiko maki
8pcs, shrimp, tobiko
3300 AMD

Yasai maki
#431 Yasai maki
8pcs, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper
1600 AMD

Teka maki
#435 Teka maki
8pcs, tuna
3600 AMD

Sake Kunsey maki
#438 Sake Kunsey maki
8pcs, smoked Salmon
3800 AMD

Sake Maki Hosomaki
3600 AMD

Unagi maki
#448 Unagi maki
8pcs, Eel, cucumber, sesame
3500 AMD

Sake avocado maki
#451 Sake avocado maki
8pcs, Salmon, avocado
3200 AMD

Hoshi maki
#453 Hoshi maki
8pcs, smoked salmon, cucumber, cheese
3400 AMD

Classic roll
California syake Classic roll
#457 California syake Classic roll
8pcs, avocado, cucumber, Salmon, tobiko
4800 AMD

Bonito Classic roll
#460 Bonito Classic roll
8pcs, Salmon, cheese, cucumber, Tuna flakes
4600 AMD

Canada Classic roll
#463 Canada Classic roll
8pcs, Eel, Salmon, avocado, cheese, sesame
7400 AMD

Dinamit Classic roll
#466 Dinamit Classic roll
8pcs, smoked salmon, cucumber, kimchi sauce, dill, tobico
4800 AMD

Veggie Classic roll
#470 Veggie Classic roll
8pcs, bell pepper, tomato fillet, carrot, cucumber
2300 AMD

Golden Dragon Classic roll
#476 Golden Dragon Classic roll
8pcs, cheese, salmon, crab, avocado
4800 AMD

Catana Classic roll
#479 Catana Classic roll
8pcs, cheese, sesame seeds, salmon, crab, avocado
4700 AMD

Green Dragon Classic roll
#482 Green Dragon Classic roll
8pcs, Eel, tobiko, avocado, cucumber, cheese
4700 AMD

Kavasaki Classic roll
#484 Kavasaki Classic roll
8pcs, cheese, sesame seeds, Eel, crab, tobiko, mayonnaise, cucumber
5300 AMD

Tokyo Black Classic roll
#487 Tokyo Black Classic roll
8pcs, Eel, cucumber, cheese, tobiko
5300 AMD

Philadelphia Classic roll
#490 Philadelphia Classic roll
8pcs, Salmon, cheese
5400 AMD

California Ebi Classic roll
#494 California Ebi Classic roll
8pcs, avocado, cucumber, shrimp, tobiko
4800 AMD

Rainbow Classic roll
#496 Rainbow Classic roll
8pcs, Tuna, Salmon, shrimp, Eel, avocado, Tai, cheese, cucumber
5400 AMD

Domino Classic roll
#500 Domino Classic roll
8pcs, crab, Soy mayonnaise, avocado, tobiko
3200 AMD

Dragon Garden Classic roll
#501 Dragon Garden Classic roll
8pcs, Eel, cheese, pineapple, sesame
8600 AMD

California Crab Classic roll
#504 California Crab Classic roll
8pcs, avocado, cucumber, crab, tobiko
4600 AMD

Natsu Classic roll
#507 Natsu Classic roll
8pcs, shrimps, cheese, avocado, cashew, sesame
5600 AMD

Chess Classic roll
#510 Chess Classic roll
8pcs, tobiko, Salmon, Eel, cucumber
4900 AMD

Philadelphia Deluxe Classic roll
#512 Philadelphia Deluxe Classic roll
8pcs, Salmon, cheese, tobiko, cucumber
5200 AMD

Kabuto Classic roll
#514 Kabuto Classic roll
8pcs, Eel, smoked salmon, cheese, cucumber, tobico, sesame
5600 AMD

Tomarigi Classic Roll
#520 Tomarigi Classic Roll
8pcs, salmon, avocado, chuka, cheese
3800 AMD

Fureko Maguro Classic Roll
#521 Fureko Maguro Classic Roll
8pcs, salmon, avocado, tuna flakes, kimchi sauce, cheese
4400 AMD

Midori Maguro Classic Roll
#523 Midori Maguro Classic Roll
8pcs, salmon, avocado, kimchi sauce, cucumber
5100 AMD

#709 Jalapeno
smoked salmon, cucumber, lemon, sour, pickled jalapeno, chesse, chesse sauce
5800 AMD

#711 Kuriketto
salmon fillet, hrimps, chesse, cucumber, Teriyaki sauce
6300 AMD

#713 Buranjo
eel, cognac, chesse, orange, Gomadare sauce, cream, poppy seads
4600 AMD

Hebi Kiro
#715 Hebi Kiro
Shrimps, Eel, Tobiko, cheese, avocado, Unagi sauce
5300 AMD

#717 Akashingo
shrimps, Tuna, tomatoes, mango, coriander, Chilli sauce, Oyster sauce
5800 AMD

#719 Kagayaku
Kagayaku Tuna, Salmon, Shrimps, avocado, Chilli sweet sauce
6900 AMD

#721 Sumoku
smoked Tuna, chesse, avocado, kiwi, green onion
4500 AMD

#723 Nekome
Shrimps, Salmon, cheese, Salmon fillet, green onion, mayonnsise, Sriracha sauce
6800 AMD

#725 Banao
banan, Indian nuts, cognac, butter, honey, ice-cream
3800 AMD

Aki Roll
#727 Aki Roll
oily fish, shrimp, tuna, cheese
4200 AMD

Aburako Green onion roll
#728 Aburako Green onion roll
oily fish, onion chips, green onion, cheese
4300 AMD

Grilled Tuna
#729 Grilled Tuna
shrimp, tuna, cucumber, cheese
5300 AMD

Hot roll
Vulkan Hot Roll
#531 Vulkan Hot Roll
8pcs, sesame seeds, cucumber, cheese, Eel
4900 AMD

Philadelphia grill Hot Roll
#534 Philadelphia grill Hot Roll
8pcs, Salmon, cheese, cucumber
6900 AMD

Kiu Teriyaki Hot roll
#539 Kiu Teriyaki Hot roll
8pcs, salmon, kiwi, cheese, cucumber
5300 AMD

Takei Tempura roll
#542 Takei Tempura roll
8pcs, crab, kimchi sauce, panco, sesame sauce, cheese, carrot
4300 AMD

Sakura Tempura roll
#546 Sakura Tempura roll
8pcs, shrimps, salmon, cheese, avocado, sesame sauce, panco
5800 AMD

California Boom Tempura roll
#550 California Boom Tempura roll
8pcs, crab, tobiko, panco, sesame sauce, cheese, avocado
4700 AMD

Thai Tempura roll
#553 Thai Tempura roll
8pcs, salmon, perch, tobiko, cheese
5300 AMD

Sake Ikura Tempura roll
#555 Sake Ikura Tempura roll
8pcs, salmon, salmon roe, avocado, cheese
5400 AMD

Budda Tempura roll
#557 Budda Tempura roll
8pcs, Salmon, Eel, cheese, avocado, panco, sesame sauce
5700 AMD

Ika Tempura
4900 AMD

Ebi Tempura
7600 AMD

Sake Sashimi
3600 AMD

Unagi Sashimi
#567 Unagi Sashimi
eel, cucumber, sesame
3900 AMD

Ebi Sashimi
#571 Ebi Sashimi
shrimp, cucumber
3300 AMD

Sake Kunsey Sashimi
#575 Sake Kunsey Sashimi
smoked salmon, cucumber
3700 AMD

Thai Sashimi
#579 Thai Sashimi
sea karas, cucumber
2800 AMD

Tuna Sashimi
#581 Tuna Sashimi
tuna, cucumber
3600 AMD

Sushi Nigiri
Unagi Nigiri
1400 AMD

Thai Nigiri
800 AMD

Sake Kunsey Nigiri
1400 AMD

Ebi Nigiri
1300 AMD

Sake Nigiri
1200 AMD

Tuna Nigiri
1600 AMD

Syogun Set
#605 Syogun Set
28pcs, Harakiri maki, Avocado syake, Tokyo Black, Philadelphia, Wasabiko
16400 AMD

Osaka Set
#608 Osaka Set
48pcs, Golden Dragon, Katana, Kavasaki, Syake maki, Chuka maki, Green Dragon
22800 AMD

Butterfly Set
#610 Butterfly Set
48pcs, Vegetable, Unagi maki, Yasai maki, Rainbow, Kavasaki, Domino
21700 AMD

Dragon Garden Set
#612 Dragon Garden Set
36pcs, California Syake, Sake Nigiri, Syake maki, Philadelphia classic, Philadelphia de luxe
24600 AMD

Set Emperor
#616 Set Emperor
salmon, tuna, eel, calamari, syake kunsey, crab
21300 AMD

Tempura Set
#618 Tempura Set
16pcs, California boom, Sakura, Budda
9600 AMD

Thai menu
Kimchi soup
#623 Kimchi soup
veal fillet, noodles, soy sprouts
2800 AMD

Thai rice with shrimps
#625 Thai rice with shrimps
corn, carrot, tomato, bell pepper, rice
3400 AMD

#628 Edamame
200g, young soy sprouts
2300 AMD

1500 AMD

1500 AMD

1500 AMD

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