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El Torro.SaladsBig Green SaladGreek SaladAsian Spicy SaladRostbeef SaladCaesar a la ChefStartersPickles a la RusSoupsPho Bo SoupGerman Cheese SoupBefore the MeatCrispy EggplantBroccoli CheesePutin PotatoCaramel ShrimpSteakStriploinSteak ChimmichurriFillet MignonPresident s SteakRibeye SteakTomahawkT-Bone SteakPork Tomahawk IjevanFlankGrillChicken WingsSpicy Chicken LegsPeri-Peri ChickSesame ChickenTender Chicken BreastGrilled Turkey BreastPork RibsBurger and SandwichBeef BurgerBeef Raclette BurgerChicken BurgerChicken Raclette BurgerGerman Hot-DogBratwurstGerman Wurst Small PlateGerman Wurst Big PlateGarnishFrench FriesVillage PotatoesHomemade PotatoesGrilled VegetablesSaucesCheddar Cheese SaucePepper SauceHomemade BBQ SauceChimichurri SauceSpicy Peri Peri SauceChipotle SauceBlue Cheese SauceDessertCheesecakeBrownieSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.25l European
El Torro

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El Torro

Big Green Salad
#1 Big Green Salad
230g, lettuce, radish, special sauce
2000 AMD

Greek Salad
#2 Greek Salad
600g, tomato, cucumber, cheese Feta, olives, bell pepper
2400 AMD

Asian Spicy Salad
#3 Asian Spicy Salad
350g, lettuce, chicken, cucumber, zucchini, bell pepper
2400 AMD

Rostbeef Salad
#4 Rostbeef Salad
350g, veal, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, bell pepper
3400 AMD

Caesar a la Chef
#5 Caesar a la Chef
330g, chicken, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, croutons, special sauce
3600 AMD

Pickles a la Rus
#6 Pickles a la Rus
450g, tomato, cucumber
1800 AMD

Pho Bo Soup
#7 Pho Bo Soup
450g, veal, parsley, champignon, green onion, chili pepper
2200 AMD

German Cheese Soup
#8 German Cheese Soup
400g, cheese, veal, champignon
1600 AMD

Before the Meat
Crispy Eggplant
#9 Crispy Eggplant
200g, eggplant, special sauce
2200 AMD

Broccoli Cheese
#10 Broccoli Cheese
350g, broccoli, blue cheese sauce
2400 AMD

Putin Potato
#12 Putin Potato
550g, potato, chicken, cheese, sauce
2900 AMD

Caramel Shrimp
#13 Caramel Shrimp
390g, shrimp, special sauce
8400 AMD

#14 Striploin
220g, veal
4800 AMD

Steak Chimmichurri
6600 AMD

Fillet Mignon
#16 Fillet Mignon
220g, veal
6400 AMD

President s Steak
7200 AMD

Ribeye Steak
#18 Ribeye Steak
220g, veal
6800 AMD

#20 Tomahawk
560g, veal
8600 AMD

T-Bone Steak
#21 T-Bone Steak
450g, veal
8800 AMD

Pork Tomahawk Ijevan
6400 AMD

#27 Flank
300g, veal
6400 AMD

Chicken Wings
#29 Chicken Wings
280g, chicken wings with spicy sauce
2800 AMD

Spicy Chicken Legs
#30 Spicy Chicken Legs
280g, chicken legs with Jack Daniels sauce
2800 AMD

Peri-Peri Chick
#31 Peri-Peri Chick
200g, chick, potato, special sauce
2200 AMD

Sesame Chicken
#32 Sesame Chicken
520g, chicken, potato, special sauce
3200 AMD

Pork Ribs
#35 Pork Ribs
300g, pork ribs, special sauce
4600 AMD

Burger and Sandwich
Beef Burger
#37 Beef Burger
beef cutlet, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, special sauce
1900 AMD

Beef Raclette Burger
#38 Beef Raclette Burger
beef cutlet, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, special sauce, cream cheese
2400 AMD

Chicken Burger
#39 Chicken Burger
chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, special sauce
1900 AMD

Chicken Raclette Burger
#40 Chicken Raclette Burger
chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, special sauce, cream cheese
2200 AMD

French Fries
700 AMD

Village Potatoes
700 AMD

Homemade Potatoes
900 AMD

Grilled Vegetables
1600 AMD

1800 AMD

Soft Drinks
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27 Jun 2021
the ribs were the worst I have ever eaten. I am sure the pig was dead before it was placed on the grill no reason to kill it again. I will never order again. wow you should embarrassed to serve food like this
03 Apr 2021
31 Mar 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք El Torro
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