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Flower Market.RosesRoses in Different ColorsFlowersGerberaAlstromeriaLisiantusBouquets Bouquet with 25 rosesBouquet with alstromeria smallBouquet with alstromeria bigBouquet with 15 rosesBouquet with lisianthusBouquet of 15 tulipsCompositionsComposition Bear in houseComposition with lisianthusComposition TVSoft toysBear Me to You smallBear Me to You mediumBear Me To You bigPostcardsPoscard N1Poscard N2Poscard N3Poscard N4Poscard N5Poscard N6Poscard N7 Flowers and Balloons
Flower Market

Flowers and Balloons
24 hours
Delivery fee 600AMD

Flower Market

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300 AMD

#54 Alstromeria
1 branch
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300 AMD

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700 AMD

Bouquet with 25 roses
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12500 AMD

Bouquet with alstromeria small
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5000 AMD

Bouquet with alstromeria big
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9900 AMD

Bouquet with 15 roses
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9900 AMD

Composition Bear in house
#86 Composition Bear in house
30x25cm, chrisants, freesia
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10000 AMD

Composition TV
#90 Composition TV
28x12cm, lisianthus, spring roses, gypsophila
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12500 AMD

Soft toys
Bear Me to You small
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7500 AMD

Bear Me To You big
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15500 AMD

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07 Apr 2021
Sargis S.
17 Jul 2020
Manya K.
01 Jul 2020
Gagik G.
18 Apr 2020
Mher M.
14 Apr 2020
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