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Honey Boo

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Honey Boo

Crepe with Chocolate
#2 Crepe with Chocolate
200g, crepe,chocolate
1000 AMD

Crepe with Banana
#4 Crepe with Banana
250g, crepe,banana,chocolate
1200 AMD

Crepe with Strawberry
#5 Crepe with Strawberry
250g, crepe,strawberry,chocolate
1400 AMD

Crepe with Kinder
#7 Crepe with Kinder
250g, crepe,Kinder,banana,chocolate
1650 AMD

Crepe with Mars
#9 Crepe with Mars
250g, crepe,Mars,Caramel sauce,chocolate
1500 AMD

Crepe with Brauni
#11 Crepe with Brauni
250g, crepe,chocolate,Brauni
1750 AMD

Crepe 4 Seasons
#12 Crepe 4 Seasons
300g, crepe,chocolate, and 4 types of fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple
2000 AMD

Crepe with Baunty
#13 Crepe with Baunty
250g, crepe,chocolate,Baunty
1500 AMD

Crepe with Kit-Kat
#15 Crepe with Kit-Kat
250g, crepe,Kit-Kat,chocolate
1600 AMD

Crepe with Nesquik
#17 Crepe with Nesquik
250g, crepe,Nesquik,chocolate
1500 AMD

Crepe with Honey Bo
#19 Crepe with Honey Bo
300g, crepe,chocolate,ice-cream,banana,strawberry
1700 AMD

Combo 3 in 1
#1 Combo 3 in 1
chocolate crepe, chocolate waffle, chocolate pancake
3000 AMD

Pancake with Chocolate
#22 Pancake with Chocolate
250g, 4pcs pancake,chocolate
1200 AMD

Pancake 4 Seasons
#24 Pancake 4 Seasons
400g, 4pcs pancake,chocolate,and 4 types of fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple
2000 AMD

Waffle with Chocolate
#26 Waffle with Chocolate
250g, waffle,chocolate
1300 AMD

Waffle with Banana
#27 Waffle with Banana
300g, waffle,banana,chocolate
1500 AMD

Waffle with Strawberry
#29 Waffle with Strawberry
300g, waffle,chocolate,strawberry
2000 AMD

Waffle 4 Seasons
#31 Waffle 4 Seasons
400g, waffle,chocolate,4 types of fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple
2000 AMD

Salad Kinder Small
#33 Salad Kinder Small
350g, ice-cream,Kinder,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1500 AMD

Salad Kinder Big
#34 Salad Kinder Big
450g, ice-cream,Kinder,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1700 AMD

Salad Kit-Kat Small
#35 Salad Kit-Kat Small
350g, ice-cream,Kit-Kat,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1500 AMD

Salad Kit-Kat Big
#36 Salad Kit-Kat Big
450g, ice-cream,Kit-Kat,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1700 AMD

Salad Oreo Small
#37 Salad Oreo Small
350g, ice-cream,Oreo,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1500 AMD

Salad Oreo Big
#38 Salad Oreo Big
450g, ice-cream,Oreo,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1700 AMD

Salad Twix Small
#39 Salad Twix Small
350g, ice-cream,Twix,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1500 AMD

Salad Twix Big
#40 Salad Twix Big
450g, ice-cream,Twix,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1700 AMD

Salad M&Ms Small
#41 Salad M&Ms Small
350g, ice-cream,M&Ms,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1500 AMD

Salad M&Ms Big
#42 Salad M&Ms Big
450g, ice-cream,M&Ms,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1700 AMD

Salad Nesquik Small
#43 Salad Nesquik Small
350g, ice-cream,Nesquik,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1500 AMD

Salad Nesquik Big
#44 Salad Nesquik Big
450g, ice-cream,Nesquik,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,cream
1700 AMD

Salad Mars Small
#45 Salad Mars Small
350g, ice-cream,Mars,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,Caramel sauce
1500 AMD

Salad Mars Big
#46 Salad Mars Big
450g, ice-cream,Mars,Brauni,chocolate,and fruits:banana,strawberry,kiwi,pineapple,Caramel sauce
1700 AMD

Salad with Fruits Small
#47 Salad with Fruits Small
350g, banana,strawberry,pineapple,cream
1500 AMD

Salad with Fruits Big
#48 Salad with Fruits Big
450g, banana,strawberry,pineapple,cream
1700 AMD

Fondan Lava
#54 Fondan Lava
350g, bisquit,chocolate,ice-cream
1300 AMD

#55 Brauni
400g, bisquit,chocolate, ice-cream
1450 AMD

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