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Julis Kitchen

Semi-cooked product
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11:00 - 23:00
Delivery fee 600AMD

Julis Kitchen

Lolli Pop
#1 Lolli Pop
1kg, chicken wings in breadcrumbs
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3750 AMD

Pork Schnitzel
#2 Pork Schnitzel
1kg, pork fillet in breadcrumbs
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5800 AMD

Pork Loin
#3 Pork Loin
1kg, local meat loin
Add to cart
5600 AMD

Pork Ribs
#4 Pork Ribs
1kg, pork ribs special marinated
Add to cart
6500 AMD

Pork Suvlaki
#5 Pork Suvlaki
1kg, pork fillet,fresh bell peppers on stick
Add to cart
5900 AMD

Kiev Chicken Cutlet
#6 Kiev Chicken Cutlet
1kg, chicken breast and wing,with butter in breadcrumbs
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4800 AMD

Chicken Cutlet
#7 Chicken Cutlet
1kg, chicken fillet
Add to cart
3300 AMD

Beef Cutlet
#8 Beef Cutlet
1kg, beef fillet
Add to cart
6900 AMD

Chicken Marinated
#9 Chicken Marinated
1kg, chicken marinated with lemon
Add to cart
3500 AMD

Chicken Leg
#10 Chicken Leg
1kg, marinated chicken legs for BBQ
Add to cart
3700 AMD

Chicken Cordon Bleu
#11 Chicken Cordon Bleu
1kg, chicken breast with cheese and ham in breadcrumbs
Add to cart
5800 AMD

Pork Cordon Bleu
#12 Pork Cordon Bleu
1kg, pork fillet with cheese and ham in breadcrumbs
Add to cart
6900 AMD

Marinated Rabbit
#13 Marinated Rabbit
1kg,  whole rabbit marinated with almonds,honey,Balsamic Vinegar and Red Wine
Add to cart
7200 AMD

Steak Roll
#14 Steak Roll
1kg,beef fillet with Chedder cheese
Add to cart
11400 AMD

Steak Striploin
Add to cart
23700 AMD

Beef Tenderloin
Add to cart
10600 AMD

T-Bone Steak
Add to cart
5200 AMD

Bull Loin
Add to cart
5800 AMD

Pork Roll
Add to cart
5200 AMD

Trout Medallion
#20 Trout Medallion
1kg, trout medallions with garlic and thyme
Add to cart
5700 AMD

Salmon Fillet
#21 Salmon Fillet
1kg, fresh Salmon fillet
Add to cart
16000 AMD

Shrimps in Breadcrumbs
#22 Shrimps in Breadcrumbs
1kg, shrimps in breadcrumbs
Add to cart
19500 AMD

Semi-cooked Products
#23 Lahmajo
4pcs, lahmajo with beef
Add to cart
2800 AMD

Khachapuri with Cheese
#24 Khachapuri with Cheese
1pcs, khachapuri with 2 different cheeses
Add to cart
350 AMD

#29 Manti
1kg, Manti with beef
Add to cart
4900 AMD

Pelmeni with Beef
Add to cart
4900 AMD

Ravioli with Spinach
#35 Ravioli with Spinach
1kg, ravioli with Riccota and spinach
Add to cart
8200 AMD

Ravioli with Beef
#36 Ravioli with Beef
1kg, ravioli with beef and Parmesan
Add to cart
8400 AMD

Ravioli with Mushrooms
#37 Ravioli with Mushrooms
1kg, ravioli with mushrooms and Parmesan
Add to cart
8300 AMD

#38 Syrniki
1pcs, syrniki with Cottage cheese
Add to cart
450 AMD

Syrniki with Raisins
#39 Syrniki with Raisins
1pcs, syriki with Cottage cheese and raisins
Add to cart
450 AMD

Syrniki with Jam
Add to cart
450 AMD

Canned Food and Sauces
Strawberry Jam
Add to cart
1550 AMD

Apricot Jam
Add to cart
1200 AMD

Raspberry Jam
Add to cart
1250 AMD

Cherry Jam
Add to cart
1300 AMD

#44 Ajika
250g, sauce with red peppers and garlic
Add to cart
950 AMD

#51 Fat
Add to cart
2200 AMD

Orange Syrup
#52 Orange Syrup
250g orange syrup with coriander and thyme
Add to cart
1400 AMD

Dried Tomato with rosmary
#53 Dried Tomato with rosmary
250g,  dried tomato with rosmary and garlic
Add to cart
1800 AMD

Dried Tomato with Thyme
#54 Dried Tomato with Thyme
250g, dried tomato with thyme and garlic
Add to cart
1800 AMD

Neapolitana Sauce
#56 Neapolitana Sauce
250g, Tomato sauce with carrot and celary
Add to cart
1150 AMD

Chimchuri Sauce
#57 Chimchuri Sauce
250g, sauce with greens
Add to cart
1900 AMD

Canned Feta cheese
#60 Canned Feta cheese
250g, Feta with tomatoes and rosmary
Add to cart
2000 AMD

Canned Spicy Feta
#61 Canned Spicy Feta
250g, Feta with tomatoes ,rosemary and chilli
Add to cart
2000 AMD

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