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Labeerint.Sausages with beerLabeerintLabeerint MaxiAustrian assortedVienneseKupatiLight Pale Lager firm lightDraught and firm beerDark Lager firm darkWeissbier firm unrefined wheatPremium Pils firm premium classMunich Helles light MunichBlonde Ale firm Belgian ellKilikiaBreadBreadSummar saladSaladsSalad CaesarSalad CapitalSalad GreekSalad with strained matsunSalad TabulehShrimp saladSalad Olivie with salmonSalad Caesar with salmonSpasSoupsPitiMushroom soupBorshchSolyankaKhashKievian cultletHot dishesLanguette with nutsFrench filletGerman languetteLanguetteAntrekotChicken frying panChicken schnitzelBeef StroganoffPork fryKupati with garnishTjvjikPelmeniOmelette with green peasOmelette with basturmaOmelette with tomatoPizza PalermoPizzaPizza with mushroom and chickenPizza VictoriaPizza setPizza EasternPie with chickenPie with vealSandwich with ham and cheeseSandwichesSandwich with languetteLavash with ham and cheeseCold appetizersHomemade basturmaHomemade sujukFresh vegetablesGreensSpicy pepperOlivesLemonCheese assortedAssortment of meatLoriSheep cheeseBeerKilikiaGyumriKotayk Gold Budweiser WarsteinerCorona extra MillerSoft drinksCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lPepsi 0.25lLemonade Natakhtari 0.5lMineral water Jermuk 0.5lMineral water Bjni 0.5lSpring water Byuregh 0.5lNatural Juice Sandora 1lTonic Schweppes 0.33lRed Bull 0,25lBeer snacksFrench fries small piecesSalmonOily fishTunicHerring with potatoesVodkaKhortitsaKhortitsa iceTsarskayaStumbrasS serebromIcebergKoskenkorvaOhanyanFinlandAbsoluteWineAreniVernashenIjevanNranArmenian champagneBBQVeal filletVeal heartVeal kebabChicken kebabLamb loinPork loinPork ribsPork filletTrout fillet BBQMushrooms BBQ with cheesePotato BBQKhachapuri BBQKebab assortmentVeal fillet with garnishVeal heart with garnishVeal setVeal kebab with garnishChicken kebab with garnishChicken setPork ribs with garnishPork fillet with garnishPork setLamb setSaucesBarbecue sauceRibs sauceSpicy white sauceKetchupMustardGarlic SauceBeer hot snacksRussian fried ravioliViennian sausage with cheeseChicken wingsCalamari ringsViennian sausageChicken sticksHunting sausageRibsRoyal shrimpThai shrimpRoyal shrimp with cream sauceCrayfishCheese ballsKhachapuriAdjarian khachapuriImeretian khachapuri Armenian, European

Armenian, European
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Sausages with beer
#20 Labeerint
450g, for 3-4 persons
4950 AMD

Labeerint Maxi
#24 Labeerint Maxi
700g, for 4-5 persons
6900 AMD

Austrian assorted
#28 Austrian assorted
450g, for 3-4 persons
7300 AMD

#33 Viennese
300g, for 2-3 persons
2800 AMD

#39 Kupati
520g, for 2-3 people
3500 AMD

Draught and firm beer
Light Pale Lager firm light
#2 Light Pale Lager firm light
1l, The first time this type of beer was created in 1895, in Munich. To these days, the technology of making Light lager has not changed. lower fermentation gives a higher quality drink. The drink is golden, with a mild taste, with a slight bitterness and 4.6% alcohol content.
1050 AMD

Dark Lager firm dark
#48 Dark Lager firm dark
1l. This beer is made according to the best German traditions, according to which a long cold fermentation takes place, as a result of which the beer gets dark color from roasted malt, pleasant barley taste, mild sweetness and 3.5% alcohol content.
1750 AMD

Weissbier firm unrefined wheat
#53 Weissbier firm unrefined wheat
1l, This light, fresh and soft drink, wheat beer, is for summer. Through the upper fermentation it gets a pleasant sweetness and slight bitterness. Alcohol content is 5%, and it is served without filtering.
2450 AMD

Premium Pils firm premium class
#57 Premium Pils firm premium class
1l, This light, non-pasteurized beer does not contain preservatives, has a unique natural taste. To feel the unique taste and freshness of Bock Helles, it should be drunk immediately after filling. Alcohol content - 6.4%.
1800 AMD

Munich Helles light Munich
#59 Munich Helles light Munich
1l, Munich-Helles was made in 1895, in Munich. It is considered a competitor of Pilsen open beer. Munich is the most popular style in southern Germany. Munich-Helles beer uses all the typical ingredients, including special malt from the German region, traditional German types of hops, and pure German laser yeast. The result is a daily refreshing and soft drink.
1400 AMD

1050 AMD

250 AMD

Summar salad
#7 Summar salad
450g, tomato, cucumber, greens, oil
1100 AMD

Salad Caesar
#166 Salad Caesar
350g, chicken breast, lettuce, sauce, rusks, cheese Parmesan, tomatoes
1300 AMD

Salad Capital
#174 Salad Capital
350g, veal, potatoes, carrots, green peas, sour cream, lentils
1050 AMD

Salad Greek
#178 Salad Greek
350g, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cheese Feta, olives
1200 AMD

Salad with strained matsun
#182 Salad with strained matsun
300g, squeezed yogurt, cucumber, dill
800 AMD

Salad Tabuleh
#187 Salad Tabuleh
300g, bulgur, tomato, greens, lemon, oil
800 AMD

Shrimp salad
#196 Shrimp salad
350g, shrimp stick, mayonnaise, corn, cucumber
900 AMD

Salad Olivie with salmon
#199 Salad Olivie with salmon
300g, salmon, potatoes, cucumbers, corn, carrots, eggs, mayonnaise
1400 AMD

Salad Caesar with salmon
#204 Salad Caesar with salmon
300g, salmon, lettuce, sauce, rusks, cheese Parmesan
1800 AMD

800 AMD

#211 Piti
450g, served without lavash
1100 AMD

Mushroom soup
#213 Mushroom soup
450g, mushroom, green
850 AMD

#216 Borshch
450g, beef, carrots, beets, potatoes, cabbage, tomato paste
1050 AMD

#221 Solyanka
450g, beef, sausage, ham, sausage, pickles, kapar, olives, greens
1100 AMD

#223 Khash
1200g, without meat
1500 AMD

Hot dishes
Kievian cultlet
#9 Kievian cultlet
200g, chicken breast, butter, spices, garnish of your choice
1950 AMD

Languette with nuts
#229 Languette with nuts
220g, pork fillet, nuts, spices, garnish of your choice
1950 AMD

French fillet
#231 French fillet
220g, veal fillet, mushrooms, Dutch cheese, tomato, gtreen onion, sour cream, garnish of your choice
2200 AMD

German languette
#233 German languette
220g, veal fillet, mushrooms, Dutch cheese, sour cream, garnish of your choice
2400 AMD

#235 Languette
200g, veal fillet, spices, garnish of your choice
2200 AMD

#237 Antrekot
220g, pork fillet, ham, Dutch cheese, garnish of your choice
2150 AMD

Chicken schnitzel
#244 Chicken schnitzel
180g, chicken breast, rusk, spices, garnish of your choice
1850 AMD

Beef Stroganoff
#249 Beef Stroganoff
180g, veal fillet, sour cream, tomato sauce, spices
1950 AMD

Pork fry
2000 AMD

Kupati with garnish
#256 Kupati with garnish
260g, 2pcs kupati, french fries
2100 AMD

#264 Tjvjik
200g, beef heart, onion, spices, garnish of your choice
1800 AMD

1450 AMD

Pizza Palermo
#11 Pizza Palermo
30sm, 8pcs, ham, mushroom
2300 AMD

Pizza with mushroom and chicken
#412 Pizza with mushroom and chicken
30sm, 8pcs, chicken, mushroom
2300 AMD

Pizza Victoria
#416 Pizza Victoria
30sm, 8pcs, ham, sausage
2350 AMD

Pizza set
#421 Pizza set
30cm, 8pcs, ham, sausage, mushrooms
2400 AMD

Pizza Eastern
#424 Pizza Eastern
30cm, 8pcs, ham, basturma, mushroom
2400 AMD

Sandwich with ham and cheese
#16 Sandwich with ham and cheese
bread, ham, cheese, tomato
750 AMD

Sandwich with languette
#446 Sandwich with languette
beef lunget, tomato, green, cucumber
1200 AMD

Lavash with ham and cheese
700 AMD

Cold appetizers
Homemade basturma
2300 AMD

Homemade sujuk
1400 AMD

Fresh vegetables
#112 Fresh vegetables
400g, tomato, cucumber
1000 AMD

750 AMD

Spicy pepper
600 AMD

800 AMD

450 AMD

Cheese assorted
#136 Cheese assorted
300g, Lori, Roquefort, Dutch and Chechil cheese
2000 AMD

Assortment of meat
#140 Assortment of meat
200 g, pork balik, chorizo, ham
2400 AMD

700 AMD

Sheep cheese
1000 AMD

700 AMD

#77 Gyumri
700 AMD

Kotayk Gold
700 AMD

1150 AMD

1200 AMD

Corona extra
1200 AMD

#96 Miller
1000 AMD

Beer snacks
2500 AMD

Oily fish
2300 AMD

1900 AMD

2000 AMD

Khortitsa ice
5300 AMD

5900 AMD

6600 AMD

S serebrom
6200 AMD

7600 AMD

8700 AMD

8400 AMD

9800 AMD

9800 AMD

4000 AMD

4000 AMD

3100 AMD

3100 AMD

Veal fillet
4400 AMD

Veal heart
2800 AMD

Veal kebab
1150 AMD

Chicken kebab
1050 AMD

Lamb loin
3600 AMD

Pork loin
3200 AMD

Pork ribs
3200 AMD

Pork fillet
3100 AMD

Trout fillet BBQ
#358 Trout fillet BBQ
price for 100g, whole fish 1.1-1.6kg
580 AMD

Potato BBQ
800 AMD

Khachapuri BBQ
1700 AMD

Kebab assortment
#380 Kebab assortment
600g, chicken, veal
3250 AMD

Veal set
5550 AMD

Chicken set
4400 AMD

Pork set
6200 AMD

Lamb set
5450 AMD

Ribs sauce
300 AMD

200 AMD

200 AMD

Beer hot snacks
Chicken wings
1600 AMD

Calamari rings
2100 AMD

Viennian sausage
1550 AMD

Chicken sticks
1550 AMD

Hunting sausage
1550 AMD

4700 AMD

Royal shrimp
3150 AMD

Thai shrimp
#568 Thai shrimp
250g, tobasco sauce, soy sauce, garlic, spices
3300 AMD

Royal shrimp with cream sauce
#570 Royal shrimp with cream sauce
350g, cream, mayonnaise, garlic, beer, spices
3450 AMD

700 AMD

Cheese balls
1450 AMD

Adjarian khachapuri
1000 AMD

Imeretian khachapuri
#433 Imeretian khachapuri
30sm, cheese Suluguni, Lori, sour cream
1150 AMD

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