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Little Tokyo Sushi.SetsTanuki SetTokyo SetOsaki SetPhiladelphia SetClassic SetTempura SetKyoto SetMega Maki SetKadzuno SetMix SetSamurai SetTempura SetMaki SetTriada SetItako Set Sushi
Little Tokyo Sushi

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Little Tokyo Sushi

Tanuki Set
#1 Tanuki Set
1190g, 40pcs,  Philadelphia,Kanada,California,Maki salmon,maki eel,Philadelphia
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12800 AMD

Tokyo Set
#2 Tokyo Set
1470g, 48pcs, Baked Sturgeon, Baked Chicken,Baked Crab, Baked California
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13000 AMD

Osaki Set
#3 Osaki Set
1300g,40pcs, Baked Roll with Sturgeon,Philadelphia, California,Salmon with Sesame
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12400 AMD

Philadelphia Set
#4 Philadelphia Set
1060g, 32pcs, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Eel, Philadelphia with Small Shrimp
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13000 AMD

Classic Set
#5 Classic Set
930g, 32pcs, Big Maki Cucumber,Philadelphia Classic,California Salmon,Roll Crab with Sesame
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10000 AMD

Tempura Set
#6 Tempura Set
1140g, 32pcs, Tempura with Tuna,  Tempura with Small Shrimp, Tempura with eel,  Tempura Crab
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10800 AMD

Kyoto Set
#7 Kyoto Set
1230g, 40pcs, Philadelphia Classic, Maki cucumber, Sesame with Sturgeon,Tempura Crab, Tempura with small shrimp
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11300 AMD

Mega Maki Set
#8 Mega Maki Set
1190g, 40pcs,  Maki Eel, Maki Cucumber, Maki Smoked Salmon, Maki Sturgeon, Maki Chuka,  Maki Crab with Caviar
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10500 AMD

Kadzuno Set
#9 Kadzuno Set
1270g, 40pcs,  California,  Philadelphia, Big Maki Salmon,  Eel Cheese, Salmon with Sesame
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12200 AMD

Mix Set
#10 Mix Set
790g, 24pcs,  Philadelphia ,Tempura Crab, California
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8700 AMD

Samurai Set
#11 Samurai Set
2450g, 78pcs,  California, Canada Salmon, Salmon with Sesame, California,Maki Salmon, Maki Cucumber, Maki eel,Philadelphia Classic, Sturgeon with cheese, California Salmon,Big Maki Salmon
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24000 AMD

Tempura Set
#12 Tempura Set
810g, 24pcs, Tempura Sturgeon,Tempura Eel, Tempura with shrimp
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8800 AMD

Maki Set
#13 Maki Set
780g, 32pcs, Maki Cucumber, Maki Tuna, Maki Salmon, Maki Eel
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8000 AMD

Triada Set
#14 Triada Set
980g, Philadelphia,California,Chicken Roll with cheese, Maki Eel
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11000 AMD

Itako Set
#15 Itako Set
700g, 14pcs, 2pcs Sushi with Tuna, 2pcs Sushi with Eel, 2pcs Sushi with Salmon, 2pcs Sushi Sturgeon, 2pcs Sushi Small Shrimp, 4 pcs California
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10500 AMD

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