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Noyyan Parpetsi Restaurant.SaladsSalad Caesar with ChickenMix SaladSalad NoyyanSalad MexicanGreen SaladSalad ArmeniaSalad with ChickenSalad TabboulehSorrel SaladSalad EuropeSalad with Chicken and TomatoesCapital SaladSalad with Beef and EggplantFirm SaladSalad with PrunesGreek SaladEggplant RollBroccoli SaladSpinach SaladSalad RubySalad with Red Bean and SesameHummusRussian standardFinlandAbsoluteVodkaCold AppetizersMeat AssortedFish AssortedGhavourmaArmenian Cheese AssortedCheese Assorted MixEuropean Cheese AssortedPickled AssortedFresh VegetablesFresh GreensLemonOlivesStrained YogurtRejanBreadBread BasketHot AppetizersStuffed Mushroom with CheeseJuliennePancakes with Special ReceipePancakes with HamSunny Side up EggOmelette with TomatoesFried Green PeasFried Green BeanFried SpinachFried SibekhClub SandwichSandwichSoupsSoup SolyankaChicken Soup with Rice or ArishtaSoup PutukSoup BorschFish SoupSpasHot DishesHomemade Chicken with PilafFried ChickPasta BolognesePasta CarbonaraVeal Loin in Red SauceVeal KhashlamaTjvjikKerususVeal with Cheesy SauceTolma in Grape LeavesEjmiatsin TolmaTolma AssortedKuftaFried Veal KhashlamaHomemade RoastTavaDish MixPork Shoulder on Wild RicePork Ribs with Honey SauceLamb Shoulder with Spicy SauceLamb Shoulder with Wild RiceGarni YarakhLamb KhashlamaFried Lamb KhashlamaTrout GataSterlet in OvenRed River Trout with ButterTrout in WineSig with ButterTrout in LavashBBQ and KebabChicken BBQ WingsChick BBQTrout BBQSig BBQSterlet BBQLamb IkibirLamb BBQLamb PardaPork BBQ LoinPork BBQ RibsPork BBQ SoftVeal BBQ SoftVeal BBQ HeartVeal BBQ LungVeal KebabChicken KebabLamb KebabVegetable BBQMushroom BBQSuluguni BBQPotato BBQKhashKhashGarnishFried VegetablesBroccoliPotato with MushroomFried PotatoMashed PotatoFrench FriesPotato in OvenEmmer with MushroomEmmerArishtaBlack RiceRiceBuckwheat Armenian
Noyyan Parpetsi Restaurant

Working hours
11:00 - 22:00

Noyyan Parpetsi Restaurant

Salad Caesar with Chicken
#41 Salad Caesar with Chicken
280g, chicken, lettuce, cheese Parmesan, croutons, caesar sauce
2200 AMD

Mix Salad
#42 Mix Salad
250g, bacon, cheese Parmesan, lettuce, tomato, pepper, narsharab sauce
1600 AMD

Salad Noyyan
#43 Salad Noyyan
300g, chicken, eggplant, tomato, mushroom, garlic
2000 AMD

Salad Mexican
#44 Salad Mexican
280g, beef fillet, hot pepper, bell pepper,chili sauce
1800 AMD

Green Salad
#45 Green Salad
250g, cucumber, bell pepper, lettuce, cappers,olives, mustar
1800 AMD

Salad Armenia
#46 Salad Armenia
400g, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, greens, onion
1000 AMD

Salad with Chicken
#47 Salad with Chicken
250g, chicken, walnut, sour cream
1200 AMD

Salad Tabbouleh
#48 Salad Tabbouleh
250g, bulgur, greens, tomato, lemon juice
1200 AMD

Sorrel Salad
#49 Sorrel Salad
250g, sorrel, walnut, onion, garlic
1000 AMD

Salad Europe
#50 Salad Europe
300g, chicken breast, lettuce, orange, berries, sauce
2100 AMD

Salad with Chicken and Tomatoes
#51 Salad with Chicken and Tomatoes
300g, chicken breast, tomato, corn, Dutch cheese, walnut
1700 AMD

Capital Salad
#52 Capital Salad
250g, beef fillet, pickled cucumber, carrot, potato, green peas
1000 AMD

Salad with Beef and Eggplant
#53 Salad with Beef and Eggplant
250g, eggplant, beef, garlic, mayonnaise
1600 AMD

Firm Salad
#54 Firm Salad
300g, veal, egg, cabbage, mushroom, potato, sauce
2000 AMD

Salad with Prunes
#55 Salad with Prunes
300g, prunes, veal, corn, pepper, cashews, sour cream
2000 AMD

Greek Salad
#56 Greek Salad
350g, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, greens, Feta cheese
1700 AMD

Eggplant Roll
#57 Eggplant Roll
150g, 7pcs, eggplant, cottage cheese, nuts, garlic
1500 AMD

Broccoli Salad
#58 Broccoli Salad
300g, broccoli, pepper, tomato, mushroom, sesame, corn, Dutch cheese
1400 AMD

Spinach Salad
#59 Spinach Salad
200g, spinach, matzoun, garlic
2000 AMD

Salad Ruby
#61 Salad Ruby
200g, pomegranate, walnut, mayonnaise, sour cream
1400 AMD

Salad with Red Bean and Sesame
#62 Salad with Red Bean and Sesame
250g, red bean, pepper, corn, sesame, ketchup
1100 AMD

#63 Hummus
170g, chickpeas, tahini, garlic
1200 AMD

7000 AMD

8000 AMD

Cold Appetizers
Meat Assorted
#65 Meat Assorted
250g, basturma, beef tongue, bujenina, pork roll, chicken roll
3000 AMD

Fish Assorted
#66 Fish Assorted
150g, salmon, oilfish, balyk
6000 AMD

#67 Ghavourma
130g, beef, butter
2500 AMD

Armenian Cheese Assorted
#68 Armenian Cheese Assorted
320g, cheese Lori, chechil, sheep cheese, boghcha, horats cheese
2000 AMD

Cheese Assorted Mix
#69 Cheese Assorted Mix
350g, Roquefort cheese, chechil, sheep cheese, boghcha, horats cheese, Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss cheese, Suluguni
2200 AMD

European Cheese Assorted
#70 European Cheese Assorted
280g, cheese Roquefort, Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss cheese
3500 AMD

Pickled Assorted
#71 Pickled Assorted
350g, marinade tomato, cucumber, lily, okra
1500 AMD

Fresh Vegetables
#72 Fresh Vegetables
800g, tomato, cucumber, hot pepper
1000 AMD

Fresh Greens
1000 AMD

500 AMD

1200 AMD

#77 Rejan
600 AMD

Bread Basket
#80 Bread Basket
200g, puri, matnakhash, bukhanka, lavash
500 AMD

Hot Appetizers
#87 Julienne
200g, champignon, cheese, onions, sour cream
1600 AMD

Pancakes with Ham
1200 AMD

Sunny Side up Egg
#90 Sunny Side up Egg
120g, 2 eggs
700 AMD

Fried Green Peas
#92 Fried Green Peas
250g, egg, green peas
1000 AMD

Fried Green Bean
#93 Fried Green Bean
250g, green bean, egg
2000 AMD

Fried Spinach
#94 Fried Spinach
250g, spinach, egg
2000 AMD

Fried Sibekh
#95 Fried Sibekh
250g, sibekh, egg
2000 AMD

Club Sandwich
#96 Club Sandwich
chicken breast, ham, tomato, Dutch cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise, French fries, ketchup
1700 AMD

#97 Sandwich
ham, pickled cucumber, lettuce, tomato, sauce, French fries
1900 AMD

Soup Solyanka
#99 Soup Solyanka
200g, beef tongue, sausage, smoked fillet, pickles, lemon, capers
1400 AMD

Chicken Soup with Rice or Arishta
#100 Chicken Soup with Rice or Arishta
200g, chicken, potato, carrot, rice, arishta
800 AMD

Soup Putuk
#101 Soup Putuk
400g, lamb, chickpeas, prunes, potato, greens, tomato paste
1700 AMD

Soup Borsch
#102 Soup Borsch
200g, beef, potato, carrot, beet, cabbage, sour cream
1000 AMD

Fish Soup
#103 Fish Soup
200g, trout, potato, carrot, onion, greens
1200 AMD

#104 Spas
200g, matzoun, groats, sour cream, greens
600 AMD

Hot Dishes
Homemade Chicken with Pilaf
#106 Homemade Chicken with Pilaf
1kg, chicken, rice, chickpeas, butter
6000 AMD

Fried Chick
#107 Fried Chick
300g, chick, spices
1700 AMD

Pasta Bolognese
#109 Pasta Bolognese
250g, spaghetti, veal, pork, Parmesan cheese, tomato
2200 AMD

Pasta Carbonara
#110 Pasta Carbonara
250g, spaghetti, egg, ham, Parmesan cheese
1700 AMD

Veal Loin in Red Sauce
#111 Veal Loin in Red Sauce
500g, veal, tomato paste, chili sauce, rice
5000 AMD

Veal Khashlama
#112 Veal Khashlama
500g, veal, tomato, pepper, onions
3000 AMD

#113 Tjvjik
250g, veal heart, lung, onion, tomato, pepper
1500 AMD

#114 Kerusus
250g, veal, potato, green peas, pepper, pickled cucumber, tomato
1500 AMD

Veal with Cheesy Sauce
#115 Veal with Cheesy Sauce
1kg, veal tenderloin, bell pepper, Dutch cheese, cream, white wine
12000 AMD

Tolma in Grape Leaves
#116 Tolma in Grape Leaves
250g, 10pcs, veal, pork, garlic, onion, spices
1500 AMD

Ejmiatsin Tolma
#117 Ejmiatsin Tolma
450g, 1 tomato, 1 pepper, 1 eggplant, 2 cabbage, veal, pork, garlic, onion, spices
2000 AMD

Tolma Assorted
#118 Tolma Assorted
600g, 1 tomato, 1 eggplant, 1 pepper, 3 cabbage, 10 grape leaves, veal, pork, garlic, onion, spice
5000 AMD

3000 AMD

Fried Veal Khashlama
#120 Fried Veal Khashlama
500g, veal, tomato, pepper, onion
5000 AMD

Homemade Roast
#122 Homemade Roast
250g, pork, potato, tomato, pepper, spices
1500 AMD

#123 Tava
300g, pork, Suluguni cheese, potato, mushroom, celery, ajika, hot pepper
3000 AMD

Dish Mix
#124 Dish Mix
500g, pork, chicken, pepper, mushroom, potato, Suluguni cheese, cream, garlic
5000 AMD

Pork Shoulder on Wild Rice
#125 Pork Shoulder on Wild Rice
1․2kg, pork shoulder, rice, white wine
15000 AMD

Pork Ribs with Honey Sauce
#126 Pork Ribs with Honey Sauce
1․7kg, pork, sauce, potato
14000 AMD

Lamb Shoulder with Wild Rice
#128 Lamb Shoulder with Wild Rice
900g, lamb shoulder, lamb heart
11000 AMD

Garni Yarakh
#129 Garni Yarakh
250g, lamb, eggplant, tomato, pepper, onion, garlic
1700 AMD

Lamb Khashlama
#130 Lamb Khashlama
500g, lamb, tomato, pepper, onion, herbs
3500 AMD

Fried Lamb Khashlama
#131 Fried Lamb Khashlama
500g, lamb, tomato, pepper, onion, herbs
5500 AMD

Trout Gata
4000 AMD

Sterlet in Oven
#133 Sterlet in Oven
1․4kg, sterlet, tomato, pepper, agaricon, tarragon, spices
15000 AMD

Trout in Wine
#135 Trout in Wine
500g, trout, white wine, lemon, tomato, pepper, tarragon
4000 AMD

Trout in Lavash
#137 Trout in Lavash
300g, trout, lavash, tarragon, spices
3000 AMD

BBQ and Kebab
Chicken BBQ Wings
1500 AMD

Chick BBQ
1700 AMD

Trout BBQ
3500 AMD

3500 AMD

Sterlet BBQ
13000 AMD

Lamb Ikibir
1500 AMD

Lamb BBQ
#145 Lamb BBQ
250g, 5pcs
3500 AMD

Lamb Parda
1200 AMD

Pork BBQ Loin
3500 AMD

Pork BBQ Ribs
3000 AMD

Pork BBQ Soft
2800 AMD

Veal BBQ Soft
4000 AMD

Veal BBQ Heart
2000 AMD

Veal BBQ Lung
2000 AMD

Veal Kebab
1000 AMD

Chicken Kebab
800 AMD

Lamb Kebab
1000 AMD

Vegetable BBQ
#156 Vegetable BBQ
500g, tomato, eggplant, sweet pepper
1500 AMD

Mushroom BBQ
1200 AMD

Suluguni BBQ
1500 AMD

Potato BBQ
#160 Potato BBQ
250g, 5pcs
500 AMD

#162 Khash
water 700g, meat 300g, garlic, lavash delivered chilled
2500 AMD

Fried Vegetables
#166 Fried Vegetables
300g, eggplant, bell pepper, tomato, mushroom, zucchini, carrot
1200 AMD

1200 AMD

Fried Potato
600 AMD

Mashed Potato
600 AMD

French Fries
600 AMD

600 AMD

800 AMD

Black Rice
2000 AMD

500 AMD

500 AMD

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Hripsime H.
29 Sep 2021
Chicken wings were not bbqed
21 Jul 2021
17 Jul 2021
the food is delicious and very well cooked ! my compliments
02 Jul 2021
09 Feb 2021
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք Noyyan Parpetsi Restaurant
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