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Chinese, Japanese, Asian
24 hours

Best Offer
Super set
#500 Super set
72pcs, 8pcs Canada, 8pcs double cheese, 8pcs Philadelphia, 8pcs California, 8pcs California cheese, 8pcs Tokyo black, 8pcs Sake cheese maki, 8pcs cheese maki
21300 AMD

Set Tokio hot
#10 Set Tokio hot
40pcs, 8pcs fried California boom, 8pcs fried Amerika, 8pcs fried Akita, 8pcs baked Sake cheese, 8pcs baked Crab cheese
12700 AMD

Set Banzai
#23 Set Banzai
48pcs, Canada, Tamago maki, Philadelphia, Kani maki, California, Kappa maki
13300 AMD

Set Love
#24 Set Love
32pcs, Philadelphia, California, Canada, Veggie maki
11600 AMD

Set Boom Mix
#25 Set Boom Mix
64pcs, Sakura, Philadelphia, Spicy het, California, Kappa maki, Tamago maki, Kani maki
15350 AMD

Set Mega Mix
#26 Set Mega Mix
40pcs, Philadelphia, California, Kappa maki, Kani maki, Tamago maki
9600 AMD

Set Avalon
#27 Set Avalon
64pcs, Philadelphia, Sakura, Chess, Canada, California, Syake maki, Tamago maki, Crab cheese
19600 AMD

Set Beauty
#28 Set Beauty
40pcs, Philadelphia, Chess, Sakura, Syake sesame, Tamago maki
12900 AMD

Set Sunny
#29 Set Sunny
32pcs, Philadelphia, California, Salmon sesame, Tamago
10100 AMD

Set Sunshine
#30 Set Sunshine
48pcs, Sakura, Canada, Philadelphia, Salmon sesame, California, Tamago maki
16550 AMD

Set Summer
#31 Set Summer
64pcs, Philadelphia, Sakura, Chess, California, Syake sesame, Veggie maki, Tamago maki, Kani maki
18700 AMD

Set Happy Mood
#32 Set Happy Mood
80pcs, Sakura, Philadelphia, Chess, California, Spicy Het, Syake maki, Cheese maki, Kani maki, Tamago maki, Crab cheese maki
20950 AMD

Set Amazon
#33 Set Amazon
88pcs, Canada, Philadelphia, Sakura, California, Chess, Spicy hat, Tamago maki, Cheese maki, Kani maki, Crab cheese maki, Syake maki
27400 AMD

Set Magic
#34 Set Magic
40pcs, Dal cheese, Philadelphia, California fit roll, Tokyo black, Shisu maki
18000 AMD

Set Katsuyo
#36 Set Katsuyo
40pcs, Nagara roll, Sakura, Gitai, Syake avocado maki, Chuka maki
14800 AMD

Set Mulan
#38 Set Mulan
40pcs, California fit roll, Grand roll, Chuka maki, Shisu maki, Vegi maki
11900 AMD

Set Retro mix
#40 Set Retro mix
48pcs, Grand roll, Double cheese, Philadelphia grill, California cheese, Chess, Ikura maki
13300 AMD

Set Duet
#42 Set Duet
48pcs, Alaska roll, roll Duet, Classic roll, Ikura roll, Kani maki, Shisu maki
11700 AMD

Set Mega Win
#44 Set Mega Win
40pcs, Nagara roll, Salamon roll, Cheese maki, Avocado maki, Kani maki
10900 AMD

Set Daikon
#46 Set Daikon
40pcs, Philadelphia grill, Canada, Sesame Salmon, Chuka maki, Vegi maki
12000 AMD

Set Prestige
#48 Set Prestige
48pcs, Gitai roll, Double cheese, Sakura, Philadelphia, Ikura maki, Chuka maki
12300 AMD

Seth Champion
#50 Seth Champion
48pcs, Canada, Philadelphia, California roll, Salamon roll, Gamma maki, Syake avocado maki
17500 AMD

Set Super boom
#52 Set Super boom
112pcs, Canada, Double cheese, Philadelphia, Tokyo black, California crab, California cheese, Sakura, Cheese maki, Syake cheese maki, Philadelphia grill, Salmon sesame, Veggy maki, Kani maki, Syake maki
36700 AMD

Set Sushi master
#54 Set Sushi master
56pcs, California crab, Canada, California cheese, Double cheese, Chess, Kanni maki, Kappa maki, Philadelphia grill
17300 AMD

Set Beauty
#56 Set Beauty
40pcs, Philadelphia, Philadelphia grill, Sakura, Chess, Salmon sesame, Cheese maki
14700 AMD

Set Butterfly
#58 Set Butterfly
32pcs, Philadelphia, Double cheese, California crab, Tokyo black, Philadelphia grill
13700 AMD

California Crab Roll
#61 California Crab Roll
8pcs, 240g, tobiko, crab, avocado, cucumber, soy mayonnaise, rice
3500 AMD

California Sake Roll
#62 California Sake Roll
8pcs, 250g, tobiko, salmon, soy mayonnaise, avocado, rice
3700 AMD

Alaska Roll
#63 Alaska Roll
8pcs, 220g, salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, tomago, sesame, rice
2750 AMD

Osaka Roll
#64 Osaka Roll
8pcs, 230g, shrimps, cucumber, avocado, soy mayonnaise, tobiko, sesame
3300 AMD

Sakura Roll
#67 Sakura Roll
8pcs, 260g, salmon, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, soy mayonnaise, crab, rice
2750 AMD

Double Cheese Roll
#68 Double Cheese Roll
8pcs, 250g, salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, Viola cheese, rice
3400 AMD

Ebi Tempura Salmon Roll
#69 Ebi Tempura Salmon Roll
8pcs, 250g, salmon, avocado, shrimp, unagi sauce, rice
3800 AMD

Philadelphia Roll
#70 Philadelphia Roll
8pcs, 250g, eel, avocado, cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, rice
3500 AMD

Philadelphia Original Roll
#71 Philadelphia Original Roll
8pcs, 280g, salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, rice
4300 AMD

Canada Roll
#72 Canada Roll
8pcs, 270g, cream cheese, salmon, avocado, cucumber, eel, unagi sauce, rice
3700 AMD

Chess Roll
#76 Chess Roll
8pcs, 240g, salmon, cream cheese, avocado, tamago, sesame, rice
3500 AMD

Tokyo Black Roll
#79 Tokyo Black Roll
8pcs, 250g, shrimp, cucumber, cream cheese, black tobiko, rice
4100 AMD

California Cheese Roll
#80 California Cheese Roll
8pcs, cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, tobiko
4200 AMD

Veggie combo
#92 Veggie combo
14pcs, cucumber, avocado, carrot + kappa maki
1800 AMD

Spicy combo
#93 Spicy combo
14pcs, salmon, cucumber, shri racha sauce, black and white sesame + kappa maki
3400 AMD

Unagi combo
#94 Unagi combo
12pcs, eel, unagi sauce + kappa maki
4800 AMD

Canada combo
#95 Canada combo
14pcs, cheese, salmon, tamago, eel, cucumber + kappa maki
3700 AMD

Maki combo
#97 Maki combo
18pcs, salmon, tamago, eel
3500 AMD

Sake unagi combo
#98 Sake unagi combo
12pcs, salmon, eel + kappa maki
5500 AMD

Sake combo
#99 Sake combo
12pcs, salmon + kappa maki
4700 AMD

Philadelphia combo
#101 Philadelphia combo
14pcs, cheese, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, salmon + kappa maki
3900 AMD

Ebi Sushi
#110 Ebi Sushi
shrimp, rice
900 AMD

Maguro Sushi
#111 Maguro Sushi
tuna, rice
900 AMD

Sake Sushi
#112 Sake Sushi
salmon, rice
900 AMD

Unagi Sushi
#113 Unagi Sushi
eel, rice
900 AMD

Avocado Maki
#115 Avocado Maki
8pcs, 160g, avocado, rice, nori
1600 AMD

Kappa Maki
#116 Kappa Maki
8pcs, 170g, cucumber, sesame, rice, nori
1500 AMD

Sake Maki
#117 Sake Maki
8pcs, 170g, salmon, rice, nori
1300 AMD

Ebi Cheese Maki
#118 Ebi Cheese Maki
8pcs, 170g, shrimp, cream cheese, rice, nori
1900 AMD

Maguro Maki
#119 Maguro Maki
8pcs, 160g, tuna, rice, nori
1700 AMD

Unagi Maki
#120 Unagi Maki
8pcs, 160g, eel, rice, nori
2350 AMD

#121 Futomaki
8pcs, cream cheese, salmon, avocado, tobiko, cucumber
4300 AMD

Ebi Tobiko Maki
#122 Ebi Tobiko Maki
8pcs, shrimp, tobiko, rice, nori
2300 AMD

Sake Avocado Maki
#123 Sake Avocado Maki
8pcs, salmon, avocado, rice, nori
1900 AMD

Hot Roll
Akita Hot Roll
#125 Akita Hot Roll
8pcs, 250g, eel, crab, spicy Sriracha sauce, avocado, rice
3550 AMD

America Hot Roll
#126 America Hot Roll
5pcs, 190g, tuna, shrimp, avocado, unagi sauce, rice
3900 AMD

California Hot Roll
#127 California Hot Roll
8pcs, 240g, crab, soy mayonnaise, tobiko, avocado, rice
2800 AMD

Philadelphia Grill Hot Roll
#128 Philadelphia Grill Hot Roll
8pcs, 300g, cream cheese, cucumber, salmon, rice
4800 AMD

Ebi Gunkan
#130 Ebi Gunkan
spicy shrimp, rice, nori
1550 AMD

Kani Gunkan
#131 Kani Gunkan
spicy crab, rice, nori
700 AMD

Sake Gunkan
#132 Sake Gunkan
spicy salmon
1150 AMD

Maguro Gunkan
#133 Maguro Gunkan
spicy tuna, rice, nori
950 AMD

Chuka Salad
#135 Chuka Salad
120g, seaweed, walnut sauce
1850 AMD

Salad Funchoza
#136 Salad Funchoza
260g, funchoza, carrot, cucumber, chicken
2350 AMD

Salad Pig Ears
#138 Salad Pig Ears
260g, sea mushrooms, carrot, cucumber
2300 AMD

Fun Chop
#144 Fun Chop
1pc, plastic device for sticks
200 AMD

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Tucker C.
17 May 2022
16 May 2022
Очень плохие суши, не свежие и воняют. Все выкинули
15 May 2022
13 May 2022
Сурен Ш.
12 May 2022
գնահատեք եթե պատվիրել եք
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