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Italian, European
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Pizza Luigi
#21 Pizza Luigi
30cm, 8 slices, chicken breast, champignon, corn, Mozzarella, oregano
2600 AMD

Pizza Pepperoni
#40 Pizza Pepperoni
pepperoni, Mozzarella, oregano
2900 AMD

Pizza Mexicano
#42 Pizza Mexicano
30cm, 8 slices, beef, bolognese sauce, Mozzarella, oregano
2700 AMD

Pizza Quatro Formaggi
#43 Pizza Quatro Formaggi
30cm, 8 slices, Mozzarella, Roquefort, Suluguni, smoked cheese, Oregano
2900 AMD

Pizza Crudo
#45 Pizza Crudo
30cm, 8 slices, ham, champignon, Mozzarella, oregano
3000 AMD

Pizza Armenian
#47 Pizza Armenian
30cm, 8 slices, basturma, Mozzarella, oregano
3200 AMD

Cold Appetizers
Meat assorted
#54 Meat assorted
basturma, ham, bacon, smoked sausage, served with dried crusts and 3 sauces
4500 AMD

Meat Antipasti
#56 Meat Antipasti
bacon, ham, smoked wurst, basturma, strained yogurt, cheeese Yeghegnadzor, marinated champignon, cherry tomatoes, avocado puree, tomato puree
5900 AMD

Cheese assorted
#61 Cheese assorted
Gouda, Mozzarella, buried cheese, Feta, smoked cheese,
3300 AMD

Cheese Antipasti
#64 Cheese Antipasti
Gouda, Mozzarella, Roquefort, buried cheese, Feta, smoked cheese, served with honey, spicy sweet sauce, strained yogurt, avocado sauce
6500 AMD

Pickles assorted
1700 AMD

1500 AMD

Bruschetta Plate
#76 Bruschetta Plate
8pcs, Bruschetta, quark, sour cream, wurst, ham, cheese sauce, marinated jalapeno, cheese Yeghegnadzor, cherry tomato, arugula
2500 AMD

Salad Arena
#78 Salad Arena
veal, vegetables
3900 AMD

Salad Caesar
#80 Salad Caesar
250-300g, chicken breast, lettuce, dried crusts, Parmesan, cheese, Caesar sauce
3200 AMD

Salad Greek
#81 Salad Greek
250-300g, Feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, olives, olive oil
2900 AMD

Salad Summer
#84 Salad Summer
250-300g, tomato, cucumber, onion, greens
2000 AMD

Russian salad
#90 Russian salad
250-300g, marinated champignon, pickles, carrot, onion, greens
2300 AMD

Salad Caprese
#91 Salad Caprese
220g, Mozzarella, tomato, pesto sauce
2500 AMD

Crab salad
#92 Crab salad
250-300g, crab sticks, corn, cucumber, greeens
2200 AMD

Hot Dishes
Pork Ribs
#115 Pork Ribs
pork ribs cooked on coal, Barbecue sauce, village potato
5900 AMD

Chicken wings
#117 Chicken wings
 spicy chicken wings with chilli sauce, jalapeno, gherkin
2000 AMD

Mashed potatoes
800 AMD

French fries
800 AMD

Village potato
800 AMD

Club sandwich
#135 Club sandwich
chicken, cheese, pickles, cucumber, McDonalds sauce, French fries
2400 AMD

Chicken Submarine
#139 Chicken Submarine
baguette bread, chicken breast, corn, tomato, cucumber, French fries
2100 AMD

Hot Dog
Buffalo Hot dog
#155 Buffalo Hot dog
Kupati cooked on coal, gherkin, jalapeno, cocktail sauce
1700 AMD

Viennese Dog
#157 Viennese Dog
Viennese sausage, cocktail sauce
1500 AMD

Thuringer Hot dog
#159 Thuringer Hot dog
German wurst, mustard sauce, French Fries
2000 AMD

Strike burger
#162 Strike burger
6 mini burgers with beef cutlets, French Fries, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumebr, sauce
4500 AMD

Double Cheese burger
#164 Double Cheese burger
double cheese and beef cutlet, French Fries, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, sauce
2700 AMD

Big burger
#166 Big burger
beef cutlet, French Fries
2500 AMD

Chicken burger
#168 Chicken burger
chicken breast, French Fries, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumebr, sauce
2200 AMD

Chicken roll
#171 Chicken roll
chicken breast, Gouda cheese, vegetables
1700 AMD

Beef roll
#172 Beef roll
beef fillet, Mozzarella cheese, vegetables
2100 AMD

Rolls Plate
#173 Rolls Plate
chicken breast, Gouda cheese, vegetables, beef fillet, Chechil cheese, vegetables, served with cheese and chilli sauce
3800 AMD

BBQ plate
#179 BBQ plate
chicken fillet, pork fillet, grilled cherry tomatoes, cornichon, chili sauce, marinated jalapeno
4500 AMD

Pork BBQ
#180 Pork BBQ
pork fillet, marinated mushroom, pepper
3000 AMD

Chicken BBQ
#181 Chicken BBQ
chicken fillet, marinated mushroom
2000 AMD

With beer
3000 AMD

2000 AMD

Fingers plate
#192 Fingers plate
chicken and cheese nuggets, Chechil cheese
2900 AMD

Beer Ribs
#194 Beer Ribs
pork smoked ribs, French Fries, dried crusts
2800 AMD

Cheese balls
#195 Cheese balls
cheese balls, jerky, Chechil cheese
3000 AMD

1800 AMD

1700 AMD

1200 AMD

2000 AMD

1600 AMD

Kotayk Gold
1200 AMD

1000 AMD

1000 AMD

1000 AMD

Stella Artois
1400 AMD

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17 May 2022
Анастасия М.
12 May 2022
Meat antipasti was not available for two orders, one 4-5 days before the other.
tobi j.
19 Feb 2022
04 Feb 2020
Gohar H.
02 Dec 2019
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