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Tsirani Home.AppetizersArmenian cheese assortmentHomemade meat assortmentHomemade pickled vegetablesBasturma and sujukRed bean with nuts in Georgian styleFresh basketStrained yogurtRezhanArmenian greensAssorted olivesHummusAjikaBreakfastOmelette with tomatoesOmelette with basturmaOmelette with SuluguniSunny side up eggs and scrambled eggsBreadLavash from tandoorBread from tandoorSaladsSalad SummerSalad with mountain sorrelSalad TabulehSoupsSpasRed bean soupSoup with horse sorrelSoup with malva leavesSoup with chicken and noodlesMain DishesRice porridge with homegrown chickenAssortment of TolmaLamb khashlamaMilk-fed veal khashlamaHarisaIshli kyuftaEjmiatsin kyufta with emmer pilaf (fried)Veal brainTolma with grape leavesBBQ and Kebab (weight is for raw meat)Pork loin BBQPork ribs BBQPork mix BBQPork boneless BBQLamb loin BBQLamb ribs BBQLamb BBQLamb mormor BBQVeal fillet BBQLamb kebabBeef kebabChick barbequeChicken BBQFish dishes (check the weight in advance)Trout BBQRed River Trout Summer styleSummer style boiled TroutSterled fillet BBQGarnishArishtaRice pilafVegetable BBQPotato barbequeMushrooms BBQPotatoes fried with butterPilaf with farro and mushroomsFried green beans with eggsStewed verdure with eggsSuluguni cheese BBQSpinach fried with eggsDessertPakhlava from GavarHoney cakeJamSoft drinksCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lSpring water Byuregh 0.33lMineral water Jermuk 0.33l Armenian
Tsirani Home

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Tsirani Home

Armenian cheese assortment
#1 Armenian cheese assortment
350g, cheese Lori, sheep milk cheese, string cheese, cheese balls
2500 AMD

Homemade meat assortment
#76 Homemade meat assortment
300g, baked pork ham, chicken roll, beef roll, pork basturma, mustard, pickled tomato
4800 AMD

Homemade pickled vegetables
#80 Homemade pickled vegetables
300g, cucumber, tomatoes, spicy pepper with greens, marinated garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, okra, lily
1300 AMD

Basturma and sujuk
3800 AMD

Fresh basket
#88 Fresh basket
800g, greens, lemon, pepper, vegetables
3200 AMD

Strained yogurt
1000 AMD

1000 AMD

Armenian greens
#96 Armenian greens
250g, onion, coriander, cress, radish, basil, tarragon
1400 AMD

Assorted olives
#98 Assorted olives
130g, green and black olives
1000 AMD

1400 AMD

600 AMD

Omelette with tomatoes
#112 Omelette with tomatoes
350g, tomato, 2 eggs
1400 AMD

Omelette with basturma
#113 Omelette with basturma
200g, 2 eggs, basturma
1600 AMD

Omelette with Suluguni
#114 Omelette with Suluguni
250g, 2 eggs, Suluguni cheese
1600 AMD

Salad Summer
#126 Salad Summer
500g, tomato, bell pepper, greens, cucumber
1800 AMD

Salad with mountain sorrel
#128 Salad with mountain sorrel
250g, sorrel, onion, red pepper. pomegranate
1400 AMD

Salad Tabuleh
#137 Salad Tabuleh
250g, bulgur, greens, green onion, tomato, tomato paste, lemon
1400 AMD

#150 Spas
400g, groats, yogurt (Matzoon), sour cream, coriander, eggs
900 AMD

Red bean soup
#151 Red bean soup
400g, red beans, onion, spices
1200 AMD

Soup with horse sorrel
#152 Soup with horse sorrel
400g, mountain sorrel, bulgur, potatoes, spices
1000 AMD

Soup with malva leaves
#153 Soup with malva leaves
350g, mallow, potato, bulgur, lemon
1200 AMD

Soup with chicken and noodles
#155 Soup with chicken and noodles
400g, chicken, noodles, carrots, spices,
1400 AMD

Main Dishes
Assortment of Tolma
#169 Assortment of Tolma
13pcs, 1 with zucchini, 5 with cabbage, 5 with grape leaves, 1 with onions, 1 with eggplant
3200 AMD

Lamb khashlama
3600 AMD

1600 AMD

Ishli kyufta
1600 AMD

Ejmiatsin kyufta with emmer pilaf (fried)
#179 Ejmiatsin kyufta with emmer pilaf (fried)
450g, farro pilaf, onion, beef kufta
3200 AMD

Veal brain
1800 AMD

Tolma with grape leaves
#189 Tolma with grape leaves
10pcs, served with matsuni
2400 AMD

BBQ and Kebab (weight is for raw meat)
Pork loin BBQ
4000 AMD

Pork ribs BBQ
4000 AMD

Pork mix BBQ
3800 AMD

Pork boneless BBQ
3600 AMD

Lamb loin BBQ
3800 AMD

Lamb ribs BBQ
3800 AMD

Lamb BBQ
3600 AMD

Lamb mormor BBQ
2400 AMD

Veal fillet BBQ
5000 AMD

Lamb kebab
1600 AMD

Beef kebab
1600 AMD

Chick barbeque
2400 AMD

Chicken BBQ
2400 AMD

Fish dishes (check the weight in advance)
Trout BBQ
1000 AMD

1000 AMD

Rice pilaf
900 AMD

Vegetable BBQ
#262 Vegetable BBQ
300g, 1 tomato, pepper, eggplant
1800 AMD

Potato barbeque
700 AMD

Mushrooms BBQ
1200 AMD

800 AMD

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19 May 2022
miqich shat vor dnen ksnnkanan?
19 May 2022
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01 Apr 2022
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