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Vostan.AppetizersArmenian cheese assortedHomemade meat assortedGhavurmaStrained yogurtRezhanHummusEggplant MutabbalMarinated vegetable assortmentArmenian greensAssortments of olivesEggplant rollBasturma and sujukFresh basketBreakfastOmelette with tomatoesOmelette with basturmaOmelette with SuluguniOmelette eggsSaladSalad with chickenSalad with veal and pruneChefs specialSalad VostanSummer saladSalad TabouleSorrel saladCaesar with ChickenHot DishesFried porkLamb khashlamaMilk fed veal kashlamaChick chakhokhbiliPorridge with homemade chickenDolma in grape leavesDolma with cabbageAssorted dolmaKer u susKufta from Echmiadzin with speltIshli kyuftaGeorgian red beans with nutsGarni yarakhFried beef leaver with tarragon (tjvjik)SoupsSoup with horse sorrelSpasSoup with red beansBBQPork loin BBQPork BBQ ribsLamb BBQChicken BBQChick BBQPotatoe BBQVegatables BBQSuluguni cheese BBQ Mushrooms BBQ with cheeseEggplant BBQ on hummusFish (check the weight in advance)Trout BBQSummer style rocky mountain TroutSummer style TroutGarnishesFarro with mushroomsPotatoes fried with butterArishtaStewed verdure with eggsBreadBread from tandoorLavash from tandoorDessertPakhlava from GavarSpecial pakhlava with dried fruitsHoney cakeJamSoft DrinksCoca-Cola 0.25lFanta 0.25lSprite 0.25lSpring water Byuregh 0.33lMineral water Jermuk 0.33l Armenian

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Armenian cheese assorted
#1 Armenian cheese assorted
350g, cheese Lori, sheep cheese, string cheese, cheese balls
2500 AMD

Homemade meat assorted
#30 Homemade meat assorted
400g, beef tongue, chicken roll, pork pashina, beef roll
4800 AMD

4200 AMD

Strained yogurt
1000 AMD

1000 AMD

1400 AMD

Eggplant Mutabbal
1400 AMD

Marinated vegetable assortment
#43 Marinated vegetable assortment
300g, spicy pepper, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, green tomato, red tomato
1400 AMD

Armenian greens
#44 Armenian greens
250g, onion, coriander, cress, radish, basil, tarragon
1400 AMD

Assortments of olives
#45 Assortments of olives
200g, green, black
1000 AMD

Eggplant roll
#47 Eggplant roll
200g, eggplants, garlic, nuts, greens
1800 AMD

Basturma and sujuk
3800 AMD

Fresh basket
#51 Fresh basket
150g greens, 2pcs tomato, 2pcs cucumber, 1pc lemon, 1pc hot pepper
3200 AMD

Omelette with tomatoes
#69 Omelette with tomatoes
2 eggs, 0.4kg tomatoes
1400 AMD

Omelette with basturma
#70 Omelette with basturma
2 eggs, basturma
1600 AMD

Omelette with Suluguni
#71 Omelette with Suluguni
2 egg, Suluguni cheese
1600 AMD

Omelette eggs
#72 Omelette eggs
with 3 eggs
800 AMD

Salad with chicken
#75 Salad with chicken
250g, chicken breast, Dutch cheese, mayonnaise, bell pepper, nuts, parsley, hazelnut, almond, barbaris
2400 AMD

Salad with veal and prune
#78 Salad with veal and prune
250g, beef fillet, bell pepper, eggplant, garlic, coriander, champignon mushroom, prune, mayonnaise
3200 AMD

Chefs special
#80 Chefs special
250g, chickpeas, quinoa, tomatoes, cress
2400 AMD

Salad Vostan
#82 Salad Vostan
250g, chicken hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes, greens
3000 AMD

Summer salad
#84 Summer salad
400g, tomato, sweet pepper, greens, cucumber
1800 AMD

Salad Taboule
#86 Salad Taboule
250g, lettuce, green onion, parsley, tomato, bulgur, tomato paste, lemon, Cherry tomato
1400 AMD

Sorrel salad
#92 Sorrel salad
250g, sorrel, onion, red pepper. pomegranate
1400 AMD

Caesar with Chicken
#97 Caesar with Chicken
250g, chicken breast, cress, tomatoes, crackers, parmesan
2800 AMD

Hot Dishes
Fried pork
2600 AMD

Lamb khashlama
#115 Lamb khashlama
400g, lamb, tomato, hot pepper, lettuce
3600 AMD

Milk fed veal kashlama
#116 Milk fed veal kashlama
300g, milk fed veal, tomato, parsley, lettuce, hot pepper
4200 AMD

Chick chakhokhbili
#117 Chick chakhokhbili
350g, chick, colored pepper, onions, spices
2800 AMD

Dolma in grape leaves
#122 Dolma in grape leaves
10pcs, served with matsuni
2400 AMD

Dolma with cabbage
2400 AMD

Assorted dolma
#126 Assorted dolma
5pcs cabbage dolma, 5pcs dolma with grape leaves 1pc vegetable dolma
3200 AMD

Ker u sus
3800 AMD

Ishli kyufta
1600 AMD

Fried beef leaver with tarragon (tjvjik)
#146 Fried beef leaver with tarragon (tjvjik)
500g, veal heart, lungs, onion, tarragon
2400 AMD

Soup with horse sorrel
#102 Soup with horse sorrel
350g, mountain sorrel, bulgur, potatoes, spices
1000 AMD

#105 Spas
900 AMD

Soup with red beans
#110 Soup with red beans
350g, red beans, onions, spices
1200 AMD

Pork loin BBQ
#164 Pork loin BBQ
250g raw meat
4000 AMD

Pork BBQ ribs
4000 AMD

Lamb BBQ
3600 AMD

Chicken BBQ
2400 AMD

Chick BBQ
2400 AMD

Potatoe BBQ
700 AMD

Vegatables BBQ
#194 Vegatables BBQ
1 tomato, 1 eggplant, 1 pepper
1800 AMD

Fish (check the weight in advance)
Trout BBQ
1000 AMD

1000 AMD

Stewed verdure with eggs
#233 Stewed verdure with eggs
130g greens, 2 eggs
2400 AMD

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19 Apr 2022
30 Mar 2022
Davit D.
14 Mar 2022
Vardan H.
24 Feb 2022
apsos nkar chem kara dnem. 100 gram chka erevi [email protected]
Hovhannes C.
23 Feb 2022
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